Category Topics

Mining & Leasing

A discussion on the mining of Overline ($OL). There are two types of mining:

General Discussions

Welcome to Town Hall! Here the community gathers to discuss topics relevant to Emblems, Overline, and the community at large. This is the place to voice what you would like to see, or brainstorm a current project. You are speaking to the community so don’t waste the opportunity!


Welcome! This category is for makers and developers to voice ideas and generate traction in the community. A few areas to get you going:

Official News & Events

Welcome to the Core Team Updates Category! Best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to the newsletter.

Overline, Multi-Market Makers & Outreach

All things Borderless including trading interfaces, new pairs and listing discussions, and the Multi-Market Makers (MMM) program.

Research & Debate

Welcome to the Philosophy & Research category. In this category, we will discuss topics centered around economics, the education of the mind, and the enlightenment of the soul.

Advanced Questions

Here you can ask questions but the only people who can respond are ranked members of EMB Nation like Evangelists or members of the Beta Team. It’s run by the community for the community!

Other Websites & Tools

This category is a guide to the Overline ecosystem. It should contain everything from block explorers to liquidity providers. Beware of phishing! Never download or visit a website without checking it’s integrity with watch-lists.

GIFD: GitHub Issues & Feature Debates

For discussing any Bugs / Issues / Feature Requests in the open source any Overline official or otherwise. Welcome!