0.8.5 Understanding and How-To


Looking at feedback from the community it seems like there is mystery surrounding how the code that 0.8.5 is built on is executing. If you feel this way, please consider this thread your launching ground for a deeper understanding of the code.
The idea is to collect content related questions from coders and non-coders combined. Questions will be consolidated for related content and then answered. If it is needed to rephrase the posted question in order to address any implied questions we will do that in the answer so that it is clear, but please spare anyone who is answering these this extra effort by posting the questions clearly and phrased in a manner to promote community growth!
Think of this as gas fees, clear questions are similar to setting higher transaction rewards and are more likely to be answered first.

NOTE: Questions that do NOT belong here will be removed, please re-post them in a more appropriate thread. Examples of these kinds of questions relate to: “Exchange listings”, “EMB availability”, “Project timelines”, “Release dates”, “wallet handling”.
Some examples of good questions are: “How does the miner store the sub-chain information?” or “Where in the code base does 0.8.5 execute signatures for transactions?”

  1. How does the miner store the sub-chain information?
  2. Where in the code base does 0.8.5 execute signatures for transactions?
  1. In my understanding we will vote on 21st whether to actually release the mainnet (including mining rewards) with included sync (something that I believe is not yet available in the current builds). While in the current developer testing phase, to me it seems to be impossible to test whether that mainnet (including the essential sync functionality) is functioning properly as there seems to be some essential code that wasn’t integrated in the current builds. How is the community supposed to judge whether the mainnet is ready for a full launch?

  2. Further to the question above, will you provide the community with a release candidate build which includes all essential components/code to let the community run full sync block colliders which enable cross chain transactions through borderless? (In my opinion that would be necessary to have the community properly informed for the upcoming vote on 21st April.)

  3. In case the answer to the above questions is that the current build has all the essential components in it already. Could you provide us with a demo (like the very nice webcast that was given earlier) in which you demonstrate cross chain transactions and also show the actual transactions being issued on the underlying chains? And maybe give a little more guidance on how to setup up the miners/borderless to be able to do this so the more tech savvy like Simon, Trick77 and David can make it work?

PS. sorry for the stretched manner of asking questions. I am happy to further specify my questions if needed :smiley:


Hi Shenkei,
You may notice there is a thread in my answers…as there is one in your questions. I will address these because the focus of the community dev window should be on the code and learning how the miner works so that day 1 of the Ark block release there are enabled and empowered BC natives executing never before possible transactions. I hope the answers below help sharpen that focus.

  1. What you seem to be asking here is How you can test the miner while not connecting to other miners? @schnorr has already comment on this, syncing will be tested later in the community dev window. In the mean time all independent miner features are operational.

  2. We are in the community dev window which is beginning with independent testing. Cross-chain Tx’s are exciting and will come, for now optimizing the miner independently of sync narrows focus so we, as a community, can work on developing the worlds first borderless transaction program. Ever. Ground breaking stuff, we don’t want to find something tomorrow that could be optimized today.

  3. What you are asking here is if it is possible to make a cross-chain Tx with the current build. Yes, it is. But the results will. not be saved by Borderless when you restart. But your crypto will have been sent or received (results saved on subchains however). Too easy to loose crypto, which damages the spirit of the community dev window.


Can you please elaborate the concept of the IPD and IPH and their state machines and tell us what the purpose of each state is?

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