A couple of extra suggestions

  1. Can we add an option to get a summary of emails once per day or once per week to avoid being spammed? I don’t want to disable emails either.
  2. When browsing a post it would be great to have the entire path of subforums listed on top.
  3. Some messages/notification overlay on top of the website obscuring the context. Perhaps they could take their own space with a well delineated box.

And so it begins!


These are all good ideas


The first is already in the works.

@craig could comment on these better

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  1. Totally agree and we’re working on a solution. (I get those emails too!)

  2. Will look into this. If you have any ideas for plugins, let me know.

  3. Not sure what this means, can you screenshot what you’re seeing?

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  1. Great!
  2. Sorry, it’s been a long time since I created websites for fun. :slight_smile:
  3. Actually, perhaps it’s a non-issue . Somehow before I had the impression that notifications where overlapping with other content, but now in the desktop computer I can’t seem to see it anymore.
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