#AMA request

Hi team,

Congratulations on the Overline rebrand, and it is a good feeling to see the project finally start to reveal itself. Patrick mentioned on the telegram chat that he would be open for an AMA. Creating this thread to collect questions from the community.

Please enter each question as a new reply on this thread, so it becomes easier for others to reply in thread and make it a meaningful conversation. I will start off with a few questions, and request the others to add more.


Has there been any change or pivot in the overall vision due to the longer timeline? Or are you still sticking to the full original vision?

How does “Verified viewer” fit into this vision? Has this been in the works all along, or is a pivot?

When do you plan to share the full Overline vision with the community? A wallet creation screen in a previous version showed ‘Blockchains’ as one of six elements of the BC/ Overline ecosystem. What would the other five be?

With launch imminent, do you have the funding to realise your full roadmap? How does this change if token valuation in the markets is not in line with your expectations?

How have the changes to the landscape impacted your roadmap? Uniswap was not around and DeFi was not the huge beast it is now, when you started off, or even when you held the ICO. Some commentary on the current landscape and your reaction to it as a project?

A related question is regarding the choice of the six founding chains. Do you still see each of the six chains as relevant? Are there new candidates you might want to prioritise in the near future?

We have on multiple occasions seen the multichain suffer from problems in the constituent chains. While solving for each issue strengthens the multichain significantly, it also throws open some questions - what if adding blockchains is not as scalable as envisioned?

Patrick previously mentioned many DEXs will adopt/ are adopting Overline. Is that still the case? Do you believe that the wider market will adopt collateralised trades? Or are there more innovative solutions possible in making OL liquidity available for short windows during trades?

Patrick also previously mentioned a new class of assets would trade on Borderless/ Interchange. Will there be more news around that?

Are marked tokens still relevant? Will they be airdropped to the Emblem addresses?

Would it be an interesting idea to be able to particalize EMB into OL (and not the other way around). In order to increase EMB scarcity and act as a liquidity push potentially?

Is all this a pipe dream?
4/6 seasons right now.

100M of EMB are the equity of Borderless Services. So, will all the services which Borderless Services might offer to Overline Media Partners and others, and consequent value creation, be captured by EMB? As in, is the understanding from the blog article correct that, there is no other equity, and the locked EMB will be the only equity in perpetuity?