Announcing the Archevangelists

Announcing the first two Archevangelists:
Simon (@CryptoSmileee) and David (@davidthamwf)

Both Simon and David are active members of the Block Collider Community chat spaces, as well as here on EMB Nation.

As of today, their accounts have been modified to reflect the change.
This kicks-off their initial term of 3 months, after which a confidence vote will be held. The results of that vote will determine if they stay on as Archevangelists for the remaining 12 month term.

A little about your first Archevangelists:

Simon - @CryptoSmileee
Simon has been an active participant in the community development side of the Block Collider Universe, developing several supporting sites to make the bloodstream of the multiverse easily accessible. Simon is 22 years young and heralds from Germany. He works as a software developer, community manager and a blockchain enthusiast. He has 4 1/2 years experience in planning and developing software projects. For the past 1 1/2 he has been working in the blockchain business, and according to him, “[I] see it as my future”.

David - @davidthamwf
David can frequently be found answering questions in the advanced channel or on EMB Nation. David has worked as an IT system engineer for 10 years, skilled guitar player, and aficionado of everything geeky. He first came to know about bitcoin in 2012 and was immediately drawn by the idea of an unstoppable, programmable money. Like a lot of others, a speculator initially, he later turned into a firm believer of blockchain technologies, triple entries accounting systems, and a decentralized future where information can be circulated without censorship and value can exchanged freely without fallible middle men.


Thanks @veklar for this announcement :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to working with the community :slight_smile: You can contact me at any time if you need help with anything or just have questions :slight_smile:

Freedom through Cryptography.