[ARCHIVE] BORDERLESS Webinar Q&A - (3/1)


[ARCHIVED] BORDERLESS Webinar Q&A #2 - MAR 1 2019 “Introducing BORDERLESS”

Learn more about BORDERLESS: https://blog.blockcollider.org/welcome-to-block-colliders-borderless-aff2ea5edffc

The questions below are kept for historical record.

Post your questions from the webinar here! Arjun will be going through this forum after the walkthrough.

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is there a transactional flow chart of a trade cycle?

Will Arjun show us his face on camera before finishing the Webinar??

im asking the really important questions here :wink:


I seriously hope so.

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Do we have to run a Miner in order to use Borderless ? and does my collateral have to match my order in value?


So the more collateral NRG you have the more orders you can see as larger orders will require larger NRG collateral?

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Could you explain what it means when you say the wallets are uploaded/stored locally and wiped clean once you log out?

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Other q’s from Webinar:

Minimum is 12 hours for everything?

how fast is it compared to centralized exchanged?


Could you explain again what happens when min order is met?

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Is the miner embedded in borderless application ?

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From @LordOfLight:
Will there be improvements to the interface?
Integration with hardware wallets?


What are the requirements to run the miner? what are the requirements to run DEX? what kind of bloat are we expecting on hardisk/memory?


When Android and iOS?

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re: requirements - more specifically requirements of the miner… as this is effectively a full node; will we need to run docker images as we’re doing now? any estimates on disk space /memory / cpu required?


how do tokens get listed?


Is NRG a tradable item itself with its own trading pair let’s say NRG/ETH? This will allow non miner to acquire NRG to trade and then have a sense of “value” when they collaterize their trade on Borderless and make smart estimation on how much NRG they need to use as collateral

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L-Emb demo?


From Chat:

Can you elaborate on the UD mode? Will it be available right from the start?

do you just download it and launch or do you need other programs?


When Face Reveal Arjun?


could you tell us a little more about emblem leasing?

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could you explain again what happens when min order is met

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