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Hello everyone,

most people know me or my Block Explorer already or might saw it the first time here: community-driven-development

This post should provide a small overview about the BCInfo project, inform what functions are still planned and also serve for discussions and ideas.

Simon Kruse aka CryptoSmileee

  • More than 5 years as software developer and two years as developer in the crypto area.

Infrastructure/techniques used

  • The frontend of the website is written in VueJs.
  • The API and the websocket server that provide the frontend with data were developed in Golang with the Echo Framework and realized as a service for Ubuntu.
  • The script to capture blocks from the Block Collider Blockchain was developed in Golang.
  • Currently MariaDB is used. However, this is change soon.

A “Roadmap” can be found on the following Trello board: https://trello.com/b/2HemvFFv/bcinfocc

Also developers who are familiar with Golang/Vuejs, designers or other members of the community are welcome to contact me if they would like to be part of this community project.

You can contact me here:
EMB Nation


Last edit: 26.02.2019


Amazing initiative Simon!


Holy ■■■■! A roadmap and to do list. I love this. I’ll have a look and see if in my non technical way I can help

A “Roadmap” can be found on the following Trello board: https://trello.com/b/2HemvFFv/bcinfocc


Glad to see the “other members” bit mentioned there, I can help out with performance optimization and tuning if required.


Sounds good. At the moment I don’t focus on performance optimizations because there is still a lot of stuff that will change. But I’ll contact you in the future :slight_smile:


It’d be cool if we have a separate feature request/suggestion post for BCInfo.cc (and other BC Apps) on Embnation.


I think it’s best done under this topic:


You could also request features here :slight_smile: Just make sure that they not already exists on the trello board (link in the first post)