Block Collider Infographic Tournament


Hello my friends, it’s me again :stuck_out_tongue:
This time with a new idea.

I want to start a small Block Collider infographic tournament to celebrate the release of Borderless and the 0.8.5 miner version.

There will be one winner and the prize is $100 in ETH which I will send directly to the winner.

But let’s get to the information about the tournament first.

From March 2nd 2019 5:00PM EST the tournament is open. The tournament has a duration of one week. As soon as the tournament is over, a winner will be chosen by the jury and published within one week.

How can I participate?

  1. Create a Infographic of Block Collider (it is not allowed to copy work from other people)
  2. Post the Infographic on Twitter and add the hashtag #BlockCollider.
  3. Post the link to your tweet under this post.

Who is the jury?
In my opinion, the jury should consist of familiar faces from the community. This is why the jury are the following people:

@Codonyat @davidthamwf @zaid

Thanks to the jury for helping me with this tournament :slight_smile:
This is the first tournament and I plan to host a few more in the future :slight_smile:

Freedom through cryptography!


Closed without participation. Price will be included in the next tournament :slight_smile:


Thanks for proposing the tournament anyway Simon!

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I look forward to the next tournament, I hope I am able to participate.

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So compounded rewards haha.