Block Collider Public Shout Outs


As a community I know we are all BC all the time, but i would love to see any/all the places you see Block Collider or Borderless in the media or posts. The Coindesk validator post for one!


Haha, this is an awesome hidden article! Loads of Block Collider and Borderless Easter eggs hidden throughout. I’ve posted the big one’s below, but you sould really read the whole article. It was executed perfectly!

Call of Duty Easter Egg: Hides Pro-Crypto Message in Black Ops 3

A giant billboard reads:

‘Live life in confidence knowing your bank will take care of your future.’

Easter eggs in the article:

  1. The rules are fixed — no cheating

  2. Permissions are maintained by a system, and not a person — no bias

  3. Limitless — trading (or simply spending) is borderless and is limited by nothing

  4. Runs on your time — no more loading screens to get to value

“Crypto-currency projects are evolving to respond to the walled gardens made by individual coins. “Multi-chain” projects are popping up attempting to provide answers to this need. All fueled by the community responding to a need: Interoperable utility (paying with one coin, for the features found on another). The best example of borderless solutions is Block Collider, but a good comparison of the multi-chain projects can be found here." (Takes you to Spec’s comparison of interoperable protocols.

“…watch closely and don’t be afraid to see what you see.” — U.S. Pres. R. Reagan

Love how the ending of the article coincides with Block Collider’s marketing campaign :).

A writer from wrote an article summarizing the Medium post. The message is spreading!



Here’s another one!

The article talks about the integrated wallet in the S10, and the conclusion is fantastic!

“Additionally, as many interchain blockchain schemes emphasis on using validators for their system agreement, others have upheld the stress of using PoW through nuanced methods. Block Collider uses an enhanced form of Nakamoto Agreement for a long chain of various blockchains deprived of the requirement to modify its safety model to that of PoS or using authenticating nodes.”


Found this article whilst browsing Twitter for Block Collider news etc -


This is awesome, would love to see a ‘big name’ mobile phone based wallet!

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Superb! Love the BC focus. Great find :+1:

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“So what does the world’s fastest, decentralized, free to use, BORDERLESS Marketplace mean to the crypto-guru? The same thing it means for the politician, plumber, neighbor, or distant stranger: Freedom.”


The official Twitter account of The Hindu Metro Plus that has 14.8K followers @THMetroPlus tweeted @The_Hindus’s recent article on Block Collider -


This is huge! Looks like the Indian people want Borderless trades.
Cool find!


Not so much a public shout out, more of a mention and a vague one at that. I’d been wondering when Block Collider would be mentioned in Blockchain Brad’s telegram group. I enjoyed the video he did with @schnorr last year (an eventual follow up would be great, maybe with @multichain :slightly_smiling_face:)

Scroll down

Anyway, please tell me if this kind of post is not wanted as there’s no real substance, I don’t want to clog the thread up with irrelevant finds.


Looks like Block Collider was found by a Steem Hunter.
Steem hunter is a community platform where you can earn rewards for finding ‘cool’ projects. As you can see via link below, Block Collider was recently hunted…


BlockchainBrad is a great guy. We are talking with him now!


This is a great find. Also a fascinating community. I’ll have to take a deeper look into them. Is it a site you frequent? Or was this another Google exercise? Haha

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I stumbled across them whilst searching BC. It does look interesting, by the looks of it you can earn Crypto rewards for finding tech related products also not just blockchain related.
Highest reward to date is close to $250 for one post, not bad. May have to sign up myself. :upside_down_face:

#21 published an article exploring Block Collider’s Proof of Distance consensus. Their official Twitter account tweeted this articles to its 62.8K followers.


MarbleCards is a platform for collecting internet content and measuring its value. Any unique web page URL can be marbled into a collectible card on Ethereum, but only once and by one collector.


Found by @amandhaliwal, Block Collider and more specifically Borderless is mentioned alongside NEX (NASH) and Binance DEX.