Blockcollider Blockchain Size

How big can the blockcollider blockchain size get? Are the member chain blocks ingested into blockcollider blockchain or is it a hash of the blocks?

Is there anywhere we can read more about this topic?


Great question!

What’s stored on the actual Block Collider multi-chain are specific transactions (like cross-chain trades) and some data from the child chains (like the merkle_root, the hash, the height).

To read more on how the weaving of multiple blockchains takes place, feel free to review section 2, 3, 4, and the beginning of 6.1 in the white paper (LINK).


There was a response on telegram a while back regarding the increasing size of the Blockchain and how BC would deal with that. This is what Patrick had to say:

Great question. BC is originally designed to handled thousands of chains. To space constraints are going to be handled first be compressing as far as we can and finally through reverse chain pruning. To handle the first part we start with header chains. After that we switch to a signature only model like that purposes in Mimble Wimble (once the Block Collider hash rate is strong enough). Finally the pruning which will be the process of creating a second blockchain which mines backwards building a chain where the work is transactions that should be trimmed. In this way it works like defragmenting your harddrive.