Borderless AMA: Recap

Below is a full recap of most questions asked in the AMA, with duplicates and similar questions merged.

A big thank you to everyone who participated!

-Block Collider Core Team


1. Borderless Services separate website coming?

  • Yes, good question. We posted a sneak preview to the main chat for a few minutes last week. The website will primarily be for enterprise relationships and will reside at

2. There have been good projects with successful technology that didn’t catch on due to lack of marketing. What will make BC different in that aspect?

  • The sentiment for Block Collider has been off the charts positive, going forward we may look into more marketing as we agree more exposure is a good thing. But as you saw from the July 1st update, more exposure is something we have in mind.

3. Given the release of various ‘cross chain’ projects and so called DEX’s, you must be excited about what Block Collider will bring to the blockchain space. How do you plan on marketing to and educating the general blockchain community?

  • This is a great question! We hinted at a proposal in our last update on June 28th with the “Killer App”. The reactions to it have been phenomenal and the ease of use is on par with user expectations. We are super excited to release this to the world. Beyond the killer app though, there is definitely going to be a lot of work required in educating the world about the necessity for something like Block Collider and Borderless. This is going to include partnering with the right players, creating educational content, developer friendly SDKs, and evangelists like yourself. However, world events may make it easier than expected to deliver our message (i.e - Internet Shutdowns, Money Transfer Restrictions).

4. When new website?

  • Currently core development is a priority, but it will be released shortly.

5. When hoodie? Any set date as of yet?

  • Once we have had these ready to ship before realizing we wanted to add something very special into them. Even the prototype version is very unique (there are designs hidden in the hood)! As soon as Borderless is up and running we will open the first batch to the members of the Evangelist group, followed by Advanced, followed by Block Collider. It will be a first come first serve situation, especially if your desired size is not an outlier.

6. Is Olympia still scheduled for 2019?

  • Yes. Olympia is still planned for 2019.

7. When will the Evangelist’s elusive forged emblems be obtainable?

  • They will be made obtainable in the near future - however we do not have a specific date for that at this stage


8. From the Borderless Services Announcement: ‘Emblems join a group of only 9 crypto currencies available through holding companies on global markets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Stellar, Litecoin, Ripple, Horizen, Bitcoin Cash.’ What have those currencies in common? Why is that worth mentioning?

  • Those are the only crypto currencies that are accessible through a ticker or symbol on public markets. This means that you can make a Nasdaq Next or OTCQX order for the digital asset.

9. Will Borderless Services Inc seek to obtain certain licenses to operate? Are any required?

  • Where necessary we will always seek clarity and stability in any jurisdiction where we operate. In both Liechtenstein and now BVI we sought out local legal experts to ensure the correct framework is used. At the moment we have all of the necessary business licenses for a BVI entity but should we expand to new products or services we will certainly complement these with the relevant licenses / policies.

10. Will Borderless Services generate revenue? How?

  • Yes it will. There are limited specific details that we can provide at this stage, however for existing examples that follow a similar structure take a look at Grayscale, BitWise, and BitcoinIRA. This will give you an idea of what to expect.

11. How are the research papers connected to BlockCollider? What does a multi chain have to do with NASDAQ and their business model?

  • Glad you liked them! We found them very compelling as well! Combined, I think they both tell the tale of how cryptocurrency trading markets have a lot of maturing to do when compared to the global financial markets. The Block Collider multichain enables high speed, low latency transactions that can advance the landscape for the existing decentralized economy, especially for exchanges; something we are wholeheartedly working towards with Borderless Services.

12. Hello what is the overall implication of Borderless Services on the average emblem holder? and are Emblems considered securities?


13. When can we expect mining to begin?

  • As we have mentioned in our last post Developer Period Update: Testing Complete & Next, further testing is required for the transactions to be enabled on the network. It has been great to see members of the community help us test bcnode and engage in mining with us during this process, and I encourage you to do so as well and report any bugs you find to the team.

14. What are you testing? Borderless or mainnet?

  • Full system structure. At this stage it is all about database integrity and edge cases (ex. broadband below 1mbs, computer runs out of disk space).

15. Can the team share details about the testing that is being done and what the testing results are so far?

  • The answer to this is a little longer than the time we have now, but is a great idea for a post. We will look into releasing a summary of system features at the end of testing. As everything gets tested.

16. Have you solved the miner syncing issues that were experienced during the launch attempt in April? If so, can you elaborate on the nature of the problem and the solution found?

  • There was never a miner sync issue, there were issues with the global state acquisition of the member chains. Since then then team has re-written 4 of the 5 native clients libraries. For instance, if you wanted to sync with NEO the Block Collider rover is the only way to actually do that without crashing. The native clients provided by the team themselves crash. As of today Block Collider rovers are the only way to fully sync NEO, Waves, and Lisk.

17. Is there going to be another Before Target period after the core team testing?

  • Nope.


18. When (approx date) will the team tokens be unlocked and are they locked with a smart contract?

  • Team lockups are a minimum of 2, some cases are longer. Lockup clock starts at the date of hire. and yes the smart contract keeps the tokens locked.

19. Who is in the team and from where do they work? Home or office.

  • Most of the team works from New York, there are also remote workers in a few cities (e.g. The Czech Republic)

20. How many team members are there in total right now?

  • There are currently 9 full time team members, plus our fantastic community of open-source contributors :wink:


21. How did the team spend the $7 million raised? Why didn’t they hire new developers, theoretically 2 more developers would have halved the development time.

  • Development is not measured in time but rather quality of code. Currently there seems to be a limited number of distributed systems engineers with experience in cryptography and monadic theory.

22. What technical problems has the team encountered that delayed the release of the miner?

  • Finding talent and trustworthy contributors.

23. Why isn’t the team hiring new people?

  • Positions are open, however quality usually takes time.

24. Have you hired all the js/rust developers that you need?

  • We have the mindset that there will never be enough developers to hire at Block Collider (most technology focused companies have this mindset)! If you have any mind (or are yourself a js/rust developer), feel free to reach out!.

25. Up until now, what has been the largest mistake made by the team?

  • waetnig. In all seriousness we should have stopped the ICO once ICO Drops heard of us. All that noise was hard to filter but I am sure a lot of the community can remember how the focus was all on the tech. We knew the price economics would come into the discussion but had hoped that would be well after the Borderless launch and into Overline.

26. Are there plans for the European office still?

  • Yes. European office is still in motion.


27. Why don’t you show the community transaction occurring between blockchains? Is it really hard to make 2-3 min video or are those transactions still not possible?

  • Good question, but this wouldn’t be public information. It’s an NRG transaction meaning it happened on his local Block Collider chain. It’s pretty easy though now to test Timble transactions following this example: We have also noticed a lot of peers sending transactions around in Lincoln lately so the community has definitely executing NRG transactions. I highly recommend running the miner locally to see your node connect to other chains and view transactions between them. As blocks from the bridged chains come into your miner, the respective txs are parsed as well. This is critical to the function of the DEX.

28. Will the tokens be released before Borderless is launched?

  • Correct, inherently tokens would have to be released before Borderless is launched (as an incentive for miners to run the DEX are correlated with their ownership and lease-ownership of EMB).

29. When Wallet release?

  • The Wallet Release will coincide with an update of Borderless, it will work as a sub feature of Borderless and as an independent application, depending on the users preference.

30. Will the mobile app for borderless release alongside the main release?

  • Yes. The Mobile App is currently planned to coincide with the main release.

31. When can we expect an overline announcement and website?(it is still shrouded in mystery)

  • Soon! :slight_smile: Everything will be revealed in time, but continue to follow along here on EMB Nation and on our roadmap for the most up to date timing on announcements for Overline.

32. You mentioned last year that you’d be doing something special for anyone who had mined a block pre 102,400 and could prove it, nothing further was mentioned to my knowledge.

  • We still hope to do it! It’s a very unique group of individuals.


33. From the Borderless Services Announcement: ‘We have connected with every prominent decentralized exchange in the space.’ Any names? If names are not to be disclosed yet, how many of the top 10 (based on trade volume) exchanges are connected with Borderless? What does ‘connected’ mean?

  • We cannot provide names or detailed comments at this stage - but they are all recognizable names. I am not a fan of using the word ‘partnership’ as its been an empty claim in the space. By connected I mean they or we have integrated services from either party into our core partnership. A probable example is the ability to execute trades through Block Collider from their user interface. They just need an SDK to plug into their own platform, which is something that is top of mind right now on our end.

34. Any estimate on how this will translate into the demand for NRG? Say a DEX exchange trading 1M volume ETH per day.

  • Very interesting question! There is a direct correlation between the orders placed on Borderless and the demand for NRG (due to the collateral required to post an order). Hence, the more orders placed on Borderless, the more NRG required.

35. Could Block Collider also function as a lightning network for some of the slower underlying chains (btc, eth, etc.)?

  • Very apt observation. There is an interesting opportunity where Block Collider can not only confirm blockchains faster than their respective native clients, but can also facilitate transfers through mediums such as NRG. I think it’s the only reason they gave us free tickets for Scaling Bitcoin. Block Collider corrects the speed disparity of Bitcoin.

36. How can BC confirm BTC transactions early if the ground truth only depends on BTC full nodes. In other words, even if BC incorporates BTC blocks faster, it won’t matter if BTC changes its tip as BTC full nodes don’t check BC nodes. Could you further elaborate?

  • There are few parts to this. One, BC Rovers are built such that they pick up latest blocks as quick as possible, and in testing we see that we beat services like and The second part is that as BC confirms each block, it is syncing with each of its peers to ensure that their respective rovers are in sync as well, hence each time BC issues a block, it is akin to an increase in the confirmation height of the underlying rovered block. Now say in fact a BC miner received an incorrect BTC block and sent that as a part of his mined BC Block, and that we are looking for a specific marked TX (because say that TX is related to a cross chain trade), in BTC. Now in order to ensure that trade doesn’t execute immediately as the incorrect BTC Block arrives, DEX traders can set a “shift” limit that basically forces the miners to wait a period of BC blocks before confirming the respective marked TX. So say we wait 10 BC Blocks, and in that time a correct BTC Block arrives, the respective marked TX would no longer be counted.