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Welcome to the first Borderless AMA. Post questions in the text below, admins and moderators will answer questions in the order they were requested. A few ground rules:

  • Make sure to check your question was not already asked.
  • Be polite and respectful of the team’s time.
  • No ‘when moon’ or ‘unlock’ questions.
  • Answers will be covered live for an hour between 3PM and 4PM.

Great to have you here.


Borderless Services separate website coming ?

  1. Emblems join a group of only 9 crypto currencies available through holding companies on global markets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Stellar, Litecoin, Ripple, Horizen, Bitcoin Cash.

– I dont understand what this means. What have those currencies in common ? Why is that worth mentioning ?


when can we expect mining to begin?


Have the syncing issues that were experienced during the miner launch attempt in March been solved? If so, can you elaborate on the nature of the problem and the solution found?


When (approx date) will the team tokens be unlocked and are they locked with a smart contract?

  1. Who’s in the team and from where do they work? Home or office.

  2. How did the team spend 7 mil $? Why didn’t they hire new devs, theoriticlay 2 more devs would have halved the dev time.

  3. When started the 2 year lock time for the team

  4. What technical problems has the team encountered that delayed the release of a the miner?

  5. When the team’s tokens will be unlocked?

  6. Are the team’s tokens are locked by smart contract?

  7. What Partnerships have you made to grow the blockcollider ecosystem and what do you mean by ‘contected various DEXs’ written in todays update.

  8. Have you connected with binance dex (follow up question)?

  9. There have been good projects with successful technology that didn’t catch on due to lack of marketing. What will make BC different in that aspect?

  10. Up until now, what has been the largest mistake made by the team?

  11. Which exchange bc can be listed? Have you talked to any good exchange?

  12. What are you testing? Borderless or mainnet?
    I would like to know if team can share details about the testing that is being done and what the testing results are so far?

  13. Can you show us the test plan you made for the testing you did?

  14. Why isn’t the team hiring new people?

  15. Have you solved the miner syncing issues that were experienced during the launch attempt in April?

  16. is there going to be another before target after the core team testing?


Will Boderless Services Inc seek to obtain certain licences to operate ? any required ?

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Have you hired all the js/rust developers that you need ?


“We have connected with every prominent decentralized exchange in the space.”

Any names? If names are not to be disclosed yet, how many of the top 10 ( based on trade volume) exchanges are connected with Borderless?


As we have mentioned in our last post Developer Period Update: Testing Complete & Next, further testing is required for the transactions to be enabled on the network. It has been great to see members of the community help us test bcnode and engage in mining with us during this process, and I encourage you to do so as well and report any bugs you find to the team.


Why dont you show to community transaction between blockchains? Is it really hard to make 2-3 min video or just those transactions still not possible?


Thank you all for your time -

What technical hurdles have you overcome (since AT block height was reached) that has caused delay to the miner being released, are you currently working on any?


I read the research papers. It was interesting read, but how are those connected to BlockCollider ?
What has a multichain todo with NASDAQ and their business model ?

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Yes, good question. We posted a sneak preview to the main chat for a few minutes last week. The website will primarily be for enterprise relationships and will reside at

Those are the only crypto currencies that are accessible through a ticker or symbol on public markets. This means that you can make a Nasdaq Next or OTCQX order for the digital asset.


Hello Team,

Will you unlock the tokens before having Borderless up and running for public use?



We have the mindset that there will never be enough developers to hire at Block Collider (most technology focused companies have this mindset)! If you have any mind (or are yourself a js/rust developer), feel free to reach out!.


i did mined quite alot in the BT time but this AT, with the last issue experienced with mining on own chain…had to stop?

has the issue been resolved?


We will not comment on that and yes the smart contract keeps the tokens locked.

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Thank you. Whats the password ? :stuck_out_tongue:
Interested in how Borderless is ‘selling’ services and what the primary selling proposition uberheupt is…

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We cannot provide names or detailed comments at this stage - but they are all recognizable names.

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