Borderless & Emblem Economics

It is time to pull back the curtain and become familiar with not only the next 6 months, but also Borderless Marketplace, Emblem and NRG economics, and the timeline ahead.


  • Algorithm for how additional NRG is awarded based on Emblem (EMB) balance is now available.
  • Emblems (EMB) can be leased for a period of 6, 12, and 24 months.
  • The launch of the 0.8.5 miner for developers-only during the Arc Block Period and Borderless.
  • Leased Emblems (L-EMB) are transferable.

Schedule (Short Term)

  • March 1st 2019 at 10PM EST Arjun Raj Jain hosted a live webinar introducing Block Collider’s flagship exchange, Borderless, and the important Emblem economics found in the transition to After Target. Watch a recording of the webinar here.

  • March 2nd 2019 at 5:00PM EST - Release of Borderless and the 0.8.5 miner.

  • March 2nd 2019 to April 21st - Borderless for consumers will be Borderless default in SAFE MODE. This means that users need to enable the ARC Block and UNSTOPPABLE DEVELOPER (UD) Mode. Once the user enables UD mode they can start trading on Borderless. Emblems will not be tradable until they are unlocked.

  • March 2nd 2019 to April 21st - “Momentum Building: Arc Block Period.” The Block Collider core team, along with five research contributors, 300 Evangelists and 1,400 people in Block Collider Advanced work together on the Arc Block. That is more engineers than work at the CBOE, NYSE, and NASDAQ combined. Anyone can request the ARC Block. UD mode enables contributors to work together on the open source code base.

  • April 21st to April 23rd - The community will vote on EMB Nation to decide on the outcome of the Arc Block Period. If the vote clears the ARC BLOCK will be sent to all clients (as well as consumers).

  • April 21st to April 23rd - A second community vote will allow particularly active members during the Arc Block period to be sent a set of Block Collider gear.

What Follows Before & After Target?

Proof of Distance is the most important human-rights evolution to the financial ecosystem since the introduction of Bitcoin. Its applications are far reaching.

  • August: Overline Regional

What is Borderless?

Borderless serves a dual-purpose.

  1. First, this is not your grandfather’s brokerage account. This is BORDERLESS. It is an unstoppable global protocol for the exchange of value, and it is capable of consuming any data structure with minimal effort. Borderless requires the internet itself to be disabled to cease functioning. To say it is censorship resistant is an understatement.
    There are no lists of validators to censor or collude, no front running shielded auctions of MAKER COLL. Borderless has real market liquidity drawn from FIX orders piped directly through nodes. ALL OF THIS is not to make US better or even Emblem owners happier, it’s to make the entire space STRONGER. Borderless is for projects who want to build on the marketplace.

  2. Second, it is a dashboard to manage all of the multichain marketplaces launched by Borderless that are built by the community and core engineers. As a computer application, personal ownership and deployment of assets will be securely and readily accessible wherever you are in the world. If you consider that there are fewer than 380,000 Bloomberg Terminals worldwide and less than 5% of the world own equity in anything, then the impact that Borderless will have on the growth of global markets is just beginning.

What is NRG?

NRG or “Non-Relational Graphs” is the underlying coin of the entire Proof of Distance ecosystem. It is used primarily as collateral to de-risk, prioritize, and facilitate value transfers between ordered datasets. The technology stack was designed so that any event can be expressed in terms of NRG, be it a trade, smart contract execution, or insurance linked instrument.

In other words, NRG could be compared to Gas on Ethereum or Bitcoin on Bitcoin in that it fuels the economics of mining.

What are Emblems?

Emblems (EMB) are the mesoeconomic utility function of NRG (discussed below). If you are mining NRG Emblems increase the size of the mining cart.

  • Miners who own Emblems earn more NRG per block.
  • Miners who own Emblems can issue larger value blocks.

How do I get NRG?

There are no pre-mined NRG. To earn it, you must mine it. NRG is awarded to block and transaction miners. Each block receives 16 NRG + EMBLEM NRG GRANT.

How do Miners get Emblems?

We believe Emblem Leases will be the most likely way for miners to capture the utility function of Emblems.

How much more NRG do I get if I mine with Emblems?

Between 16 NRG and an additional 166 NRG. The algorithm is logarithmic. This means that as you own more Emblems, the cost of each additional unit of NRG, in terms of Emblems ownership, increases. A balance below 160 EMB does not impact the NRG BLOCK REWARD.

You can calculate Emblem NRG Grants with this calculator:

166 NRG 5,855,225 EMB
149 NRG 2,924,010 EMB
99 NRG 284,449 EMB
49 NRG 12,345 EMB
30 NRG 2,284 EMB
16 NRG 160 EMB
16 NRG 0 EMB

The increase in marginal utility is offset as the NRG supply rapidly overtakes the EMB supply. As we have seen in the past, people may use exchange wallets as a means of storage, making the game not how much EMB the miner owners but how long they are able to hold it.

As the NRG int circulation increases to a maximum supply of 9.8 BILLION, the distribution of mining awards stabilizes at different intervals. This rate is relative to the growth of the rate of change in the NRG supply.

Within the first two years of mining, many people may not understand that they can lease EMB. Leasing, when combined with the significantly higher marginal EMB per NRG unit gain cost, should help to push EMBLEMS from mid-range owners to the hands of those whose NRG benefit per EMB is better. For instance, at 2,924,010 EMB a miner is making 148 NRG per block. If they wanted to make 149 NRG they would have to allocate 19,624 EMB to get 1 additional NRG reward per block. However, if I am a much smaller micro-miner mining at 29 NRG per block , then the next NRG reward only costs me 2,284 EMB. This means that as a large miner I am more likely to sell my EMB to eight other smaller miners of that size (19,624 / 2,284 = 8).

During volatility in any of the chains of Block Collider or Super Colliders the reverse happens. Where a large institutional miner, in an attempt to rebalance its portfolio, considers the availability of NRG valuable in order to collateralize its own trades.

Ultimately this leads to leasing on behalf of all parties. To see why, we can look at how much an EMB supply is worth in a 6-month lease. Assuming all other factors are fixed and we have massive mining power in order to justify considering the allocation of more than a million EMB to our miner.

  • The hash power you have means you will win 20,000 blocks.
  • 20,000 blocks generating 149 NRG per block = 2,980,000 NRG.
  • 6 months at 5.5 seconds means there will be a total of 2,827,636 new blocks introduced bringing 16 NRG each for a total of 45,242,176 NRG
  • 20,000 blocks won means you captured 0.7% of the 2,980,000 NRG.
  • You made 2,980,000 NRG or 6.58% of the total amount without EMB.
  • Without EMB you would have netted 20,000 blocks * 16 NRG or 320,000 NRG with the same hash power.
  • 2,980,000 NRG / 320,000 NRG = 9.31x. This means that your hash power is 931% more productive with Emblems.
2,924,010 EMB 1.02% 6.5% 931% 20000
284,449 EMB 0.09% 4.3% 614% 20000
0 EMB 0% 0.7% 100% 20000

An applied example of this would be if a miner owned a large mining facility costing $1.5M monthly. If that hash power could perform 30% more effectively without added infrastructure costs, than an L-EMB of 6 months ( 2,924,010 - 284,449 = 2,639,561) would decrease the cost of the capital needed by 30% or ($0.5M / 2,639,561 L-EMB $0.19 / 1 month) * 6 months or L-EMB $1.14 in terms of USD.

This could offset a competitive disadvantage in electricity costs or allow the miner to hedge against rumors of a much more productive technology.

Why does the Block Collider Ecosystem use Emblems & NRG?

Emblems and NRG are ‘mesoeconomic theory’ applied comprehensively in a protocol enforced by cryptography. Mesoeconomics posits that utility as a function of the supply and demand curves is only partially captured in macro-micro economic theory. Mesoeconomics argues that a system of shared ownership of network capacity and measure in terms of network productivity is the utopian outcome of a micro-meso-macro economy. Put more simply, it is the securitization and optimization of utility itself.

How do I Buy/Sell Leased Emblems?

After the ARC Block Period Emblem Leases can be bought and sold on Borderless or any decentralized exchange using Block Collider or a Super Collider.

What is the current total number of NRG in existence?

28.8M NRG

What is the current total number of Emblems in existence?

300M EMB

What is circulating supply of Emblems?

100M EMB

Feel free to ask questions below!