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This thread is for new users who are testing Borderless to discuss features, upgrades, and bugs.


Incomplete transaction, eth was sent and was received by the seller of the NRG, at the expiration of the settlement time, the buyer didn’t get the NRG as borderless still reads sending eth on buyer side and receiving on seller side!


What is the solution to this.

I’m getting application error 0xc00000005 when starting Borderless. Borderless used to run smoothly before.

I was not able to resolve the 0xc00000005 error. A clean reinstall was to no avail too. Gave me the same error during setup process. Borderless download page giving this Chrome errorpage:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.



<Message>Access Denied</Message>




I’m running Windows 10

Can you dm me at @multichain on telegram

Good evening,

I’ve been using borderless for a while now and there are a ‘few’ situations I would like to mention. I believe this comes in the light of ‘constructive criticism’ and ideas to fix some ‘features’ I’ve been using.

First, I made an order and then noticed the order span / settlement I put was wrong. I tried to cancel it and instead of canceling the order and giving me the collateral back ‘instantly’, borderless matches my order (like I’m buying my own sell order) and it gets stuck on a ‘loop’. I then had to wait 1 day (until settlement finishes) to get my collateral back and make a new order. Couldn’t this be done in a simplest way, to just cancel the order all together and get collateral back ‘instantly’ so maker can make the order again?

Second, I was playing with order span and settlement again and it seems there is a limit on it. Didn’t test how much but when you add big numbers to the order span and settlement, it gives you an error when making the order. Is this something that could be changed in a way that makes could set an order to last a ‘long time’ ? For example if I want to sell my NRG at $0.05 and just leave it there until it matches, I can’t as I need to come back from time to time to re set the order.

Third, related to #second, I made an order that would last around 20m and would have a settlement of 1 day. This seems like a realistic situation for an OTC deal, for example. But then, as expected, the order died, didn’t get matched and got moved from the Open Orders to Unmatched Orders. But instead of unlocking the collateral (and removing the order), it gets stuck there until settlement is over. Couldn’t this apply to a matched order only so that maker would have a quicker chance to insert the order again, since it wasn’t matched?

Fourth, related to borderless updates, it seems like the app gets updated quite regularly as I can see small tweeks sometimes but this isn’t communicated anywhere. Plus an user can’t see what version of borderless they are using as they are always labeled as v1.0.0. Is there a way an update checker could be attached when borderless starts so it would automatically check if the user is using the latest version and prompt an update if it isn’t? Also is it possible to get V numbers updated?

Fifth, related to the #fourth, the situation with the missing TX that was posted in here a few weeks ago was mine. I’ve matched three tx’s on borderless, sent ETH for all three of them and only got tokens for two. I had to find the seller on telegram with the help from third parties and kindly ask to send me NRG as I had sent ETH but didn’t get any NRG. I believe this could be related to borderless update/version as I could be using an old version of borderless and connected to an old waypoint that did not complete that transfer.

These are just a few things, I have others I would like to mention but won’t make this post too long.

Thank you!

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The feedback is much appreciated. Regarding the first point, you are correct in that currently the act of canceling is taking your own order - this is purposeful in the creation of the maker order script. Scripts will be written in the future that improve upon this initial order type. Regarding your second point, yes this is purposeful again to avoid orders that exist for too long. On your third point, once again this in the script construction, that after the deposit period ends, the order can no longer be taken, but now the settlement period must end before the NRG can be unlocked. Related to Borderless updates, yes we will be introducing version updates as we make updates to the interface. Per your fifth point, I would like to remind you that we are still within a beta period and solving these issues is a priority for the team. Once again, your feedback is appreciated.

docker: error during connect: Post htt-ps:// dial tcp connectex: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.
See ‘docker run --help’.

I receive above error when I try to load and start docker

Got same issue.Please anyone give a hints :wink: