Borderless Services Inc. in BVI-REGistered


Few questions regarding BVI registration.

How safe it is having registered company in BVI?
And if is not a business secret, which financial company are you using?
Are they Crypto Friendly? Why BVI if someone can explain more? I know there is no tax.

Btw I have visited, in my many travels around Caribbean and World, British Virgin Islands, and they are beautiful, amazing and awesome place for summer vacation. I have visited Tortola, and Virgin Gorda.

We are waiting…

Thanks for giving us more information about Block Collider behind the scenes operations.

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I cannot speak to the business-related decisions of the team, however the BVI has demonstrated itself to be a highly reputable jurisdiction, particularly over the past two decades.

Offshore financial centers tend to attract suspicion and stigma, however there is rarely anything sinister about them. Domiciling in a politically neutral, tax-efficient jurisdiction is often critical to conducting international commerce. This is particularly true during times of heightened geopolitical tension.

Offshore jurisdictions typically do have a strict mandate to maintain a certain level of discretion, however the reputable offshore financial centers (BVI, Cayman, Switzerland etc.) do also have very strict client selection criteria and compliance requirements. They rarely harbor criminals as they are often accused of doing, certainly no more than any onshore jurisdiction does. Enabling illegal activities is bad for business and encourages unwanted attention.

Ironically, the primary source of stigma faced by offshore jurisdictions is the loss of market share by onshore jurisdictions. In a global economy, nation states must be jurisdictionally competitive. Abusive taxes and hostile geopolitical attitudes have made many onshore jurisdictions unattractive and inhibitive to conducting efficient cross-jurisdictional economic activity. Rather than address these shortcomings, onshore jurisdictions have instead opted to demonize the more attractive offshore jurisdictions.

The amount of people (and therefore capital) able to participate in the global economy would be drastically reduced without the ability to utilize neutral financial jurisdictions. Strict restraints on capital movements by totalitarian regimes, financial censorship, sanctions, corruption, theft, hyperinflation, and political ■■■-for-tat are among the many barriers to safe and efficient international commerce.

Similarly to how cryptocurrencies provide a neutral and safe store of value, offshore financial centers provide a neutral safe haven for legally recognized commercial entities.