Cannot transfer $OL in interchange

Hello, I am trying to transfer OL from my wallet, but it shows “Could not transfer NRG”. Works from other wallets.

Hey @Velten!

Here are a couple things you can do to troubleshoot this:

  1. Disconnect from Autoconnect in the connection settings and and then reconnect. It’s possible you are connected to a bad node and just need to change peers.

  2. Consolidate UTXOs (link to video). It’s possible you need to consolidate your TXs. Follow the instructions on the above video and see if that resolves the issue.

Have a couple more ideas if that doesn’t work, but I’m betting it will. Let me know if that helps!

Hi @craig!

Either have i getting my OL wallet’s balance locked:
(1) if i transfer OL i have an error
(2) if i consolidate txs it’s pending for a while and disappears after, hasn`t been consolidated (no respective tx in wallet history)

The issue occurred since the wallet has been accidentally increased in balance by 13400 OL after several unsuccessful attempts to send out 5000 OL (and the one which has been successful)…
and now I cant do any transfers out of this wallet having “Could not transfer NRG”
would you guys look into this?

Thanks for the answer, but the consolidation didn’t help. Also throws an error. In addition, the unlocked field displays that there are tokens. This all happened after I tried to buy NRG for Ether, after I sent Ether - my NRG was blocked and I lost 0.2 Eth.

How do I buy OL or EMB?