[CLOSED] VOTE: Time to give codename BEAM an official name --submit candidates!

  • Underline
  • Glow
  • Cascade
  • Salk
  • Box Cat
  • Shade
  • Zoa
  • Centaur
  • Nova
  • Kelvin
  • Helios
  • Gravity
  • Shield Script
  • Boson

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How about Gluon? Boson is great as it is related to particle in standard models, created during the high energy collision, but there are already quite a few frameworks on GitHub using that name.

While Gluon is not so popular it is the particle related to the strong nuclear force / strong interaction, which is what binds Quarks together to form a Hadron.


I like it. Will add to the vote list. This vote will be relisted when we announce the launch EMB NATION!

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Two reasons I like Boson

  1. There is no restriction the number of bosons that occupy the same quantum state.
  2. Bosons are force carriers that function as the ‘glue’ holding matter together.

But if it is already widely used as David notes, then perhaps something fairly unique or rarely used.

I also like the play on words with Underline. The word Gateway also comes to mind when thinking about the support of cross-chain transactions. We could also pay respects to a historical figure that shaped the way in which we interoperate with each other. Time Berners-Lee comes to mind, also known as TimBL.


Love TimBL. Will add to the possibilities in the next round of voting.


How about 'Timble"?

A subtle homage


I like it!


Suggestion: Given how many answers are available, it would be great if we could have multiple valid votes with different weights (e.g…, 3, 2, 1).


Maybe add a one line description that explains the significance and reasoning behind each prospect (some might not have one but that’s okay)

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@Codonyat good idea :slight_smile:

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Excellent idea!

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Defenitely like Gluon

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