Coming Soon


Ohhh… Looks sharp!


Love it! And mnemonic as well :smiley:


Nice, looking great! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Love this, looks sleek and modern.

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so excited :smiley: :smiley:

Very nice design. Loving it. Will there be possibility to upload it offline like in MEW (to avoid using keys online) ?

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Maybe even better, Trezor / Ledger support :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi. If you are releasing products in the future. Would it be possible to state in the release-announcement the targeted/intended end-users ? (Who is this release for ?)
Just to make it easier to give contrustive and on-point feedback…

It would make the job easier to estimate the teams capabilities in ‘goto-market’ matters aswel. <3
I hope you understand what I mean ?

Going forward (Q2) I would like to spend time and valid contributions with projects backed by serious communities and teams. With BlockCollider I’m having a difficult time estimating how well things are being organized and how human resources are being used. I also have a difficult time understanding the current available project-roadmap. (possible BC is currently just not for me. However, I wish it was as I do like many other things in the project vision / aura )

Ideally it would be nice If the team could introduce an experienced mentor/advisor (with a face !) that could help the team with people-, project- and expectations management. Also to build-in a level of accountability. I’ve captured the tone of voice in some of the recent posts of Patrick M on Telegram and I’m concerned about the teams mental health in general. Having someone to mentor would also help remove/shift some of the ‘unconscious stressfactors’ undoubtly present with so many negativiy on Telegram between few more serious contributions on there. @schnorr how are you doing ?

I’m probably overthinking all of this and thinking too much of BlockCollider as a mainstream startup ?
I wish I could do somehing in all seriousness for the project, but I have no idea were to start.

Apologies for the negativity.

I’m genuinely scared the team will burn out and lose motivation.

Good luck guys.

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Looks sharp :ok_hand:t2:

Waw this is so cool

Ahh that’s hot. A full year of cool images. #momentumisnonexistent

An interesting choice of name :slight_smile:

Waiting for update VI