Community Driven Development


There are an encouraging number of community-led development projects relating to Block Collider. We are excited about this, however we are also unsurprised given the caliber of our community.

We want to celebrate these projects in some sort of curated fashion, so this thread can operate as both a running list as well as a place to submit projects that should be added as they are created.

Please feel free to comment with updated links, corrections, or additions!

*Cred* EMB Nation Posts You Liked First - Block Collider Blockchain Explorer
EMB Nation Welcome Letter! - Block Collider Blockchain Explorer

Would be great if this thread could also become a pseudo voting arena for development requests by the community?

Potential incentives for community developers could really get this going with what is most in demand, features outside of the CORE team developments and core protocol developments.



Love it!

Would be great to get requests posted here for community driven development. If demand is really high, maybe a voting post could be it’s own topic!

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Introduce Yourself