Content creation/Social media expansion


It came to my thought we could gather content on media platforms, the first I thought about is YouTube (Creating my ANN I was surprised not to see any technical, introduction, webinar videos from Blockcollider), which made it more difficult to learn easily.
Is it possible to upload existing videos to Youtube either randomly or creating a proper BC channel ?
I thought about Steemit also.
What other platform could we post content on ?
And if not, any reasons to avoid it ?


@whynotbit Love the topic. Am very curious to hear where content would be easiest to access for everyone.

There were a few tech introduction videos we had posted on our Reddit a while back, and while this community has already surpassed what the Reddit was intended to be, that may be good foundation for “video content”.


I didn’t think about Reddit since I rarely use it, but indeed it can be a good basis, for my part I usually tend to see for youtube as to videos, it remains the place with most content. Both are clearly to developp then. I’ll see what I can do, don’t know if I can upload vids from Vimeo to transfer then there or if there isn’t the need to.


I don’t particularly think reddit is a good place. As sub reddits are essentially a watered down forum.

Where reddit can shine is where we make major announcements in the cryptocurrency subs or eth trader or the like. When major events happen that sort of attention outside of BC community could be great.

So in that regard think embnation is more than sufficient for the core community.

I do agree that a YouTube channel is more accessible to more audience rather Vimeo.