Developer Period Update: Testing Complete & Next


The macro-economics and geopolitical shifts occurring around the world are perfectly timed for the upcoming release of Borderless. Governments in the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Myanmar shutdown their citizen’s internet due to political unrest, Binance demonstrated the limitations of their first version of a DEX by banning 29 countries, and India has lost its third crypto currency exchange due to the current regulatory environment. The globe is slowly slipping into a future where trade is controlled by nations with a vise-like grip and ‘decentralized’ is an empty word spoken by a powerful few.

It’s almost time to turn on Borderless.


I miscalculated our testing timeline, we are 95% complete but need another month before we start inviting the DEX partners to the SDK. The Timble Scripting Language, Multi-Signatures, and all necessary R&D is complete. Block Collider rovers through the leadership of CTO Adam Kloboučník will likely become the performance standard for some of the blockchains. NEO, LSK, and WAV’s rovers all perform faster than the native clients.

While we may encounter delays, the bar will not be lowered. We will continue to set very ambitious goals just above what our peers–and far above what competitors–consider possible. This ethic results in a company culture that demands excellence, aggressive imagination, and mutual responsibility. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you and your colleagues work directly molds the life of the project. It’s a blessing and reward to work on this team and as we approach After Target and Overline, I can’t wait to see it expand.


A few savvy members have discovered we are preparing the launch vehicle for global markets (the real global markets). I can confirm this is the case and we are excited to share it’s successful completion and strategy on Monday, July 1st!

Telegram is NOT a good place for news, sign up to the mailing list at The core team will be spending time and answering questions on It should go without saying but the team won’t tolerate ‘trolling’ in Telegram. And we will start to remove members who participate in trading conversations.

Community input and feedback for the Borderless Marketplace is excellent and very appreciated and actively being worked on. We also continue to see nodes show up in the P2P channels especially in Carter. Welcome!

The Killer App

We respect the strategy of Satoshi Nakamoto, Tom Elvis Jedusor, and DPR (the one loved). Their anonymity forced early communities to trust and study the technology itself strengthening their core philosophy and resolve. This is how world changing projects are made. There are not many who know of Block Collider yet and that is not an accident.

Block Collider Core