Directory/List of Reporters & Sources On The Good Team


Lets keep a list of media friendlies authors or publications. Not just for the crypto space but for libertarians in general. Just grab the link or source and paste it here. Keep in mind all posts here do not express your opinion in any way, people must do their own research.


  • Net Neutrality
    Articles against state managed internet in China, Russia, or Venezuela.

  • Transparency in Finance
    Articles revealing unhealthy market practices, whistleblowers, anti money laundering tools.


A few I enjoy reading.



The Mises Institute works to advance the Austrian School of economics and the Misesian tradition, and, in application, defends the market economy, private property, sound money, and peaceful international relations, while opposing state intervention.

Unbelievable, as an Austrian I have never heard of this site before. I will start to read intensively today. Thanks for the tip.


Great to hear, they are in line with my economic philosophy. A daily read!

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