Can not wait to start thinking again about Block Collider in this practical way, EARNING and ECONOMICAL thinking…Anyone else?
More information about EMB leasing?

And, we do wait for END of TEST.

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Here is some docs around emb leasing:

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Soon August 23rd 2019… Important day in Crypto…

Hoarding has had a highly detrimental effect on many projects, particularly those in which the asset in question is intended to provide utility. Emblem leasing will demonstrate an effective model for rewarding early loyalty without hoarding placing a constraint on liquidity.

Early adopters should not have to part ways with their EMB to realize the rewards of their foresight, and miners should not be prevented access to EMB utility by hoarders.

Fortunately we can have the best of both worlds.

Will be very interesting to watch the leasing markets develop.

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