Can not wait to start thinking again about Block Collider in this practical way, EARNING and ECONOMICAL thinking…Anyone else?
More information about EMB leasing?

And, we do wait for END of TEST.

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Here is some docs around emb leasing:

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Soon August 23rd 2019… Important day in Crypto…

Hoarding has had a highly detrimental effect on many projects, particularly those in which the asset in question is intended to provide utility. Emblem leasing will demonstrate an effective model for rewarding early loyalty without hoarding placing a constraint on liquidity.

Early adopters should not have to part ways with their EMB to realize the rewards of their foresight, and miners should not be prevented access to EMB utility by hoarders.

Fortunately we can have the best of both worlds.

Will be very interesting to watch the leasing markets develop.


Hi, from China.

Sooon we mine, we lease, we start^!^

Telegram is blocked, EMBnation.com is not.

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One interesting side-outcome of leasing is the following: I am not sure if leases are supposed to be paid only in NRG, but if both NRG and DAI can be used, it kind of builds up a natural futures market for NRG. (I strictly do not understand the legality, purely academic comment). On the flip side, it does make for more fancy and nuanced speculative calls as well - if a lease on a sizable EMB chunk is nearing expiry, then depending on the FA in the immediately preceding days, we might find people take some positions on that.

In any case, the mechanics are supremely interesting - the interplay between EMB and NRG valuation is really one to look out for. Can’t wait.


I think that is main reason why is DAI selected and introduced to Block Collider project, liquidity at the start and way to transfer funds. Hopefully is will work in Leasing EMBs too.

Anyone from the team to clarify onto this topic?

Hi from Home…

Soon :slight_smile: leasing…
Mined in AT about 500 NRGs.
Starting #borderless

Emb-NRG relationship is surely going to be exciting.

I was Wondering the following

  1. Can there be a NRG lending service too?
  2. What are the key Drivers of NRG value
  1. I think it will be on the market, so you can get NRG for other cryptocurrencies. Leasing coin which does not help in mining is not idea of leasing. Its digital coin, maybe first for real change of crypto. Emblems might become new digital diamonds :slight_smile:
  2. Market. And i think market only.