EMB Nation Welcome Letter!

Hello and welcome to EMB Nation!

This is a community where you can learn how to mine Block Collider, how to use and deploy Emblems, and how to create a future of free trade and open marketplaces. We believe in a borderless world and we are building it right here.

We highly encourage reading through the website, the blog, and the general documentation as foundational knowledge for the rest of the content on this site. With that in mind, the items below are some helpful tips to get the most out of your time here.

Getting started :

  1. Let us know who you are: introduce yourself. Take some time to say hi to one other person in this thread.
  2. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to check out the FAQ’s to see if they have already been addressed. If not head over to the Town Hall and start a discussion!
  3. Want to keep up with the Core Teams development and provide feedback? Participate in scheduled live streams? Head over to Core Team Updates Category.
  4. Are you a developer? Want to ask some questions or contribute? Head over to the Builders Guild category.
  5. Want to see what community developers have been up to? Do you perhaps have a feature you want to request? Head over to the Community Driven Development topic.
  6. Having an issue using the forum? Shoot a message over to @craig.
  7. Make sure to check out our Community Guidelines

Our community is and has always been driven by its members, so we look forward in earnest to your insights and contributions to EMB Nation.

Freedom Through Cryptography,
Block Collider Core