ETH lost in NRG Auction

I was the Taker in the Auction transaction, 1.8 ETH for 59760 NRG at the price of 33200. I did not receive the NRG that was sold. I sent the ETH but received nothing.I tried to locate the counterparty but was unable.

NRG Tx: e766703caeb4504482e87d0ef8e2143a140d58c360b8017db95c1285d889cf78

ETH Tx: 0x544efcd3ab4cb9264d29673994b97e2a04f56514466f1d324abdba8845dd3ba5

Maker NRG Address: 0xe5e56cca5c40198aa4aec807a23a21feed949412e900edb6f781ee579e84a0b4
Maker ETH address: 0x02C39F49B6f70FE0EC7D7eF60dbEed848f6fEC6b

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