Ethereum Constatinople HardFork


The Ethereum Constaninople hardfork just happened without issues, the rewards now are updated to 2 ETH per block mined, this block was mined by MiningPool_Hub.

New era for Ethereum its coming.



As ETH is part of the multichain, we should hope for its success as well. It’s still unfortunate that they are moving towards PoS.


Haha, I believe there’s space for more than just PoW blockchains. Anyway, we will always have ETC, no? Now that Ethereum wants to switch to PoW, ETC is going to be the only PoW SC platform for now. I guess that makes Kaden even more unique.


Of course there is space for PoS chains, I’m commenting on the fact that eth the second largest open source platform is moving in this direction.

If anything I believe BC acts in a way to secure PoS chains. I believe I brushed on the idea in another thread.

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