FAQ's for Borderless UD Mode


1. How do I start using Borderless in Developer Mode?
Refer to this document: BC GitHub ReadMe

2. Should I be syncing with other miners during this time?
No. Syncing with other miners will happen after the community vote end of April. (Refer to this post to learn more about timeline.)

3. Will NRG Awards be rewarded right now?
No NRG awarded from now until at least April 21. When the ARC Block is sent, it will distribute the NRG mined previously during BT period.

4. What are Executive Branches?
They are small branches that are optional to join. Once joined, you can conduct trades with anyone on that specific executive branch.

5. What should I be doing during this time?
Aside from testing this brand new technology, we are considering this a head start for the builders in our community. Anyone building a custom miner, mining pool, block explorer, or decentralized exchange on Block Collider can use this time to familiarize themselves with the code and get started!

6. Do we have to run a Miner in order to use Borderless?
Yes! While Borderless is in UD Mode, you will need to be running the miner in order to run Borderless.

7. Could you explain what it means when you say the wallets are uploaded/stored locally and wiped clean once you log out?
Everything is on local storage, which means nothing is ever stored on a central server. Rather what is and isn’t being accessed and when it is being accessed in Borderless is entirely up to you.

8. How fast is it compared to centralized exchanged?
Will be significantly faster. Initial Block Confirmation times for cross chain transactions are around ~5 seconds.

9. Is the miner embedded in borderless application?
Not yet, but that will be a future release.

10. Is there any sort of API documentation coming out allowing to easily build custom borderless interface or headless solution?
Coming soon. Stay tuned to Builder’s Guild in EMB Nation for official API Documentation.

11. Can I settle cross-chain trades on Borderless?
While Borderless is in Safe/UD Mode, you will be able to view orders that you are able to fulfill, but in order to actually settle the order you must sign the transaction yourself - an action that you and you alone are completely liable for.

12. Will there be a split function for leased emblems if a miner wants to only mine with some of the leased emblems? Can they be sent on to another address without trading?
Yes definitely, you can call a solidity function to split up your EMB - there will be a front-end interface for doing this. Yes they can be sent to another address as long as they are not activated.

13. If my NRG collateral is less my order and I didn’t fulfill my part of the trade, how is that going to make up for the other party?
It is entirely up to the user to take on the risk of a trade with not enough collateral given to it.

14. What is BEAM script?
It is the scripting language for Block Collider’s Multichain.
OP Code Definitions in EMB Nation

15. How do tokens get listed?
They will eventually be voted in via community governance. For more information on this, please refer to the “Looking To The Future” section of the White Paper.

16. What is the ARC Block?
The ARC Block has all the information from before target, balances of NRG, etc. It also indicates mining after target. When it is released, depending on the community vote in April, mining rewards will resume.