Hacked Etherium from exchange and use BC to swap money to other private token


Just a thought on recent coinbene etheriun hacked money. If the hacker swap the money through BC to a different anonymous token, can the hacker still be tracked?

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They can be because the transaction is still tracked through BC. They would need volume to move that much in the first place though.

But say monero was part of the multichain, then we may have an issue haha.


In future BC could be place to be for laundering money and ‘illegal’ marketplaces. We need a chain that has good privacy features and another chain connected to drones/swarms (for door-to-door deliveries; with hard cash money or anything else).

I’ve already heared of project ‘submaranja’ (national geographic); they are building network for underseas transport of goods controlling main transport submarines with smaller vechicles for shallow water ‘canal door-to-door’ deliveries… Those feature suction systems to lift with other boats through canal locks. Dont think its ment for your average Amazon package delivery lol

All we need is enough people in this community with same vision for BC so we can vote for such chains/networks in the future. (although i think this Discours platform isn’t anonymous enough for voting.)

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