How did you first get into "blockchain"?


Tell us your story of how you first learned and began supporting blockchain technology?


So my first encounter was with a friend who introduced me to Bitcoin. Then I mined Bitcoins but I thought that it will not succeed. (I was wrong). My next encounter was the ICO world, where I came across a platform to solve bounties. There I discovered a lot of security holes while I did the Bug Bounty program. Later I joined the project as a community manager and then as a developer where I worked on implementations for interaction with Smart Contracts. This was my first time supporting a project and since then I work together with a few projects :slight_smile:


The year was 2013 and I was bored. After seeing many articles popup about Bitcoin and overhearing my classmates talk about it, I started doing a bit of research. In early 2014 I built an OK mining rig and through some nifty arbitrage (plus a bull market) I managed to make a small profit.
Putting together a PC was the easy part, it took me 4 days to write my first mining scrypt. At that point my coding prowess was “send email; edit pdf.” Since then I learned python, and currently torturing myself with NodeJS.
By summer 2014 my enthusiasm in cryptosphere was dropping fast, disappearing exchanges and cryptocurrencies based on Memes made it look like this was just another Tulip mania. Until, I don’t remember when exactly, I stumbled upon Ethereum. Everything I had accumulated in Bitcoin I put into Ethereum during its ICO… and sort of forgot about it until September 2017. I still have my GPU rigs and a couple Zeushash Asics quietly collecting dust in the garage. Below is one of my early day rigs, something possessed me to spend weeks putting it all together and making it work.


You didn’t miss Ethereum, are you allowed here then? :smirk:


Welp, I missed Bitcoin, that would have qualified me as an early adopter. :yum:


Haha exactly!

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My first encounter with Blockchain is when I was searching rigorously and desperately something, a solution for corruption, tampering, transparency. Voila ! I found the word ‘Blockchain’ Since then I never looked back


Late to the party concerning blockchain but first got interested in it around September 2017. A friend of mine read an article on ethereum and sent me a link to it. That opened up the rabbit hole into the world of blockchain and since then constantly read about blockchain and the implications it will eventually have on the world as well as holding various cryptos and participating in a few ICOs.


Learned by a friend in 2014, put a hand into it, my arm followed, wild west environment, got lucky, did few major ICO’s, lost some wallets, got burnt trading on finex, but never lost the love of crypto and all the promises it holds (a promise only engages the one who believes in it)
And here I am to participate actively in this journey to borderless decentralization


Short version:

  • In 2011 I was self declared online marketeer.
  • I realised UX is important for conversions and making money.
  • In 2013 Google made clear statement evangelising and supporting good UX.
  • I got more and more into user-centric design thinking because of Google.
  • I came up with philosofical soulutions to better manage our personal data. (why do we fill in the same information each time over and over again if wanna buy something. Why can’t I make an address change once and automatically push it to all companies needing to know ? ect. )
    • Building soulutions would involve centralizing user data.
    • Privacy was a big concern, nobody would allow single entity control all his information. --Lets forget about it. Privacy roadblock was too big.
  • I learned about Bitcoin, but never look into underlying blockchain. (just a money opportunity)
  • Got scammed and used the bitcoins I did receive to pay for pizzas and other junk.
  • Over time I evolved into self entitled full stack digital marketeer.
  • (2016) Learned about smart-contracts and ethereum.
  • Learned about DATA-OWNERSHIP usecase and studied blockchain more in detail.
  • Realised this is a plausible soulution for my earlier privacy concerns.
  • Today I’m a big believer in the technology. (UX needs improvements, but soulutions are coming…)

Long story

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I love your story! Btw I saw the edits in real time. HAHA including the mushrooms!

At SpecR we actually did do a whole study along this angle. The future is going to be an interesting place with what we call Self Sovereign Identities. Not something we coined but we take that terms as being holistically capturing the “interface” of the future, the point from which we all can interact with each other and the world. We wrote an article on it in the context of Privacy (autonomy) as we believe this is absolutely required in order to achieve this state in the future.

We also wrote a piece " The New Trust Experience Through Beautiful Seamfulness".

Where user empowerment is pivotal to a decentralised economy, designing user experience and interfaces for the new trust paradigm has to find a fine balance between complete seamlessness and allowing users to acknowledge where the seams that cause friction to trust exist. The degree to which the optimal balance is achieved will determine the level of autonomy and empowerment the user will experience in a trustless environment.

Not trying to shill our articles haha! But its fun to find other people who resonate so well with ideas that we have mulled over quite a bit! We actually believe that BC could play a pivotal role in moving things forward as well, as interoperability is probably one of the first things that you would need in order to create a holistic experience.


Haha yeah the mushrooms. Kinda let it out there. didn’t want to make people think I’m trolling. Spend too much time writing all this haha.

And yeah I scanned some of your articles earlier. Might take a closer look to those you shared. <3


Your story sounds familiar. You need to take a course on wallet management. :joy:

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■■■■ yeah, now it’s just that I kinda forget where I put stuff even if I made a database which avoids these issues, except for BC, at the time, I was careless and let my NEM stake through NXT get unclaimable because I wasn’t into crypto, SYScoin well, we all know what happened, not sure if I redeemed my wallet before the debacle or not, never found it. Now I am much more careful and double/triple save all wallet related stuff


buying bitcoin at an atm


Interesting question! When you enter the crypto market there is always someone to tell you a story of success.
It was my cousin! :)))


Well, i first hear of bitcoin in 2013, sounded strange though, it wasn’t until 2014 when i needed to make a bank transfer from my country to another and the bank told me there was a new money laundry law in-place which makes it impossible to transfer more than a $100 daily, so i started exploring other ways to transfer and bitcoin was the KEY

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Amazing to see so many have been in this space for years.

I only really found crypto late 2017 post the eth boom and all the news around it.

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