How To Claim EMB From ICO

For anyone still trying to claim EMB from the ICO here’s how to do it:

  • Note $EMB are on Ethereum (Contract: 0xdb0acc14396d108b3c5574483acb817855c9dc8d)
  1. Locate and copy the private key for your ETH wallet which can be found in the initial JSON file downloaded during the ICO. If you read the JSON file you’ll notice two wallets the first being on Bitcoin (BTC) network and the second being on Ethereum (ETH). Locate and copy the “privateKey”: “string” for the eth wallet.
  2. Import this private key into your MetaMask Wallet (make sure your on the ethereum chain/ not Polygon on BSC) . To import a wallet with a private key on Metamask simply select account and under 'Create New Account" there is an option to select “Import Account” select this and enter in your private key from the JSON file, make sure it’s the private key for your ETH wallet and not BTC, otherwise it wont work.
  3. Once you’ve imported your wallet you can check on etherscan that this address holds your EMB, and then you can basically do what ever you choose like a normal metamask wallet, you’ll simply need to add some ETH for gas though. :wink:

This has been plaguing me for some time so I hope it helps you too
Note: EMB is on Dextools, Uniswap and FTX.

P.s You’ll need to add EMB as an asset in your Metamask wallet to be able to see it and send. Contract: 0xdb0acc14 396d108b3c5574483acb817855c9dc8d