How to get tokens from ico

hi, i invested in the ico in 2018 i am able to access my online wallet from portal. i just want to know what steps i need to take next to be able to be ready for the jan 28 listing. are my emb tokens already unlocked? how can i send them to my metamask? do i even need to send them to metamask? also is there a way i can be added to the new telegram group?


I have the same question. What to do with emblem tokens? Is this a dead project?

The same question. Thank you

Check Twitter.

yes wondering this too, there is no info on this on twitter btw!

Hi, after so much waiting, the EMB tokens were released for trading, but for me it is very frustrating because so far I have not received the 5429 EMB, which is right for having participated in the ICO in 2018. I have asked for help before but so far I have not been served.
My contribution address in MEW 0x552CE55E7c6792742A9ef9509A5E2387ea3f2907
Hoping for a solution to my problem, thank you in advance.
Ivan Mation.

I am also a community member that participated in the ICO. You cannot say that you did not receive your 5429 embs because in order to participate in the ICO you would have had to have created a wallet that was connected to the original wallet where you sent the ETH to pay for the tokens. Your tokens are sitting in a wallet somewhere you just have to know how to find them. That is not the fault of the team and you should not say they are holding up your tokens. Having said all that… I am going to see if I can help you out. It has been a long time since I claimed my tokens and I had to go back through my notes to see what I did.

So as best as I can reconstruct the process this is what I did.

You need to go to " portal dot blockcollider dot org (I cant believe they are not letting me post links here.very draconian) but hopefully you know how to put those together to go to the website ) and log in. This is the key to

#1 seeing your allocation amount
Tried to post a screenshot but its not letting me (which is frustrating!!!)

Not its important #1 that you remember your email address used to sign up for this. #2 your password. If you forget your password then simply click ‘reset pw at the bottom’

Once you are logged in click “Web Wallet” at the upper right-hand corner.

You will then see

"Bitcoin Address
Eth Address
Network Address
The signature is going to be your wallet address.


I recommend clicking “Generate Online”, and download this .json file to your computer.

Be sure to backup your .json file. Once you have done this then you can connect to the overline wallet and upload your son file there and move your coins around as you please.

Getting help on using that piece is outside of this scope but you should be able to get help with that as it is more current.

I hope this helps, please let me know if it does.

they should hire you as the support here! it’s been such a long time i forgot the steps i went through…

it seems the Generate Online fuction is broken at least for me today so i had to use the seed words to see my EMBs in wallet overline just fyi…