How to move EMB from Block Collider Web wallet from Ico?

I dont see any instructions on how to do this? Is there a guide anywhere? I can see my EMB from the ico in this wallet and have the recovery seed but Im sure there are others who are wondering this too…

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I have the same issue. I have the 24 word seed phrase and can see my EMB on my overline wallet. But once i try to transfer them , its not happening.
There used to be a tool where we can convert our seed phrase to private key long ago. Can anyone please point me there. Thank you

Hmm now that I check mine, its a private key not a series of word seeds. This is in the old Block Collider Portal site fyi.

I put my private key into the overline wallet and all my tokens were there. The wallet also takes a seed phrase (ie all the words)

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thanks i entered my seed phrase (from a paper wallet) into overline wallet and my EMB tokens are there!

Did you transfer EMB? I am not able to transfer them

transfer where? i just opened the wallet in overline wallet same saw emb there and a few overline coins airdropped maybe?

i assume i could sell them and cash out to an eth wallet if i wanted to now too?

ah okay…so i didnt assume and tried to send the emb to some eth wallet of mine. the transaction is failing. Hope the team helps us.

I am not able to transfer them too, have you manged to solve this issue? I created a new topic on embnation on this issue.