Introducing Borderless Services Inc., the new home of Block Collider

Research Memorandum

In preparation for this announcement, two cases were conducted reviewing the state of decentralized exchanges and the revenue models behind the world’s largest centralized exchanges.
Research Paper: How Stock Exchanges Generate Revenue (115.6 KB)
Research Paper: History of Decentralized Exchanges (136.9 KB)

Summary: 33% of all Emblems have been permanently locked up in Borderless Services Inc. Only 200M Emblems now exist in the open crypto market.


Liquidity as a function of volume is the performance metric of an exchange. Adoption is the performance metric of a cryptocurrency. This announcement describes the completion of a framework for both.

Borderless Services Inc. BVI-REG

We are permanently locking up 33% of the Emblem supply (100,000,000 EMB) in the creation of a holding company Borderless Services, Inc. (Borderless Services). The shares of Borderless Services, in perpetuum, are Emblems themselves. This event is more than 6 months in the making and endured a clean and complete transfer of the old Block Collider foundation structure into Borderless Services.

The result of this is threefold.

  1. Every Emblem in the crypto markets just become 33% more rare.
  2. Markets 600x larger than the crypto market can gain exposure to EMB through a traditional exchange (see chart below).
  3. Emblems join a group of only 9 crypto currencies available through holding companies on global markets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Stellar, Litecoin, Ripple, Horizen, Bitcoin Cash.

Chart showing the daily volume of the global equity and currency markets compared to the cryptocurrency market.


At first, the short term ‘holders’ will view the burning of Emblems as a strong value indicator. However we would ask you look beyond this event and at the overall strategy. We are actively building EMB into a multi-market safe haven. In the words of Warren Buffet, “Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.”

Fortunately, regarding the foundation, we were able to replicate and transfer the governance structure from Liechtenstein to the new holding company in its entirety. This was a necessary improvement on the limited democracy available to foundations in Liechtenstein (there is no majority voting). All assets, liabilities, and jurisdictional governance have, as of June 28th, 2019, with unanimous agreement from co-founders Patrick McConlogue and Arjun Raj Jain are wholly under the management of Borderless Services, BVI-REG. The digital asset Emblems created in the genesis event and distributed on February 14th, 2019 are assigned to and issued by Borderless Services Inc. This results in two important changes.

The holding company, indefinitely, cannot sell the granted Emblems (EMB) into the crypto markets.
Custodianship of the Emblems can be insured based on its market rate and not it’s initial contribution value.

Borderless Ask-Me-Anything

Is this a centralized company? No. In fact it gives more power to Emblems on the open market, as they are not permanently frozen within shares.

While this jurisdictional change has no impact on the technology or mission of Block Collider, we must always act in good faith, common sense judgment, and reasonableness when handling important policy changes. Members of the core team will be available for an ask me anything on July 2nd at 3PM EST to be hosted on EMB NATION:

Regarding Crypto Markets.

First and foremost, Block Collider is an exchange platform. We have connected with every prominent decentralized exchange in the space. Our goal is first to establish these relationships while simultaneously opening liquidity for EMB. This will likely be earlier than the formal launch of Borderless, but we will keep you posted. We cannot commit (nor have we) concerning listing Emblems on any exchange–cryptocurrency or otherwise, however with this new model we can create a special purpose organization within the holding company that does.

A New Digital Asset.

Emblems are a new unique asset. Each Emblem and its NRG reward represent both the demand for cryptocurrency mining utility and the volume of crypto pairs in the form of an exchange through NRG. An example in the public market would be an ETF which holds shares in gold mining companies and NASDAQ. This positions it as a unique stronghold, in that exchanges benefit from volatility regardless of whether the markets are up or down.

We will continue to adapt quickly to protect our long term belief in an individual’s right to trade. Zoom with market-maker prelisting, Slack (WORK) with a direct-to-market offering, and FB with Libra all demonstrate that markets are becoming more open to alternative models.

Closing with more wisdom from Warren Buffet, “The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective.” Put simply, the foundation model prevented Block Collider from ever being able to take EMB to the global markets, now we can.

Block Collider Core

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