Is code audited?


Hi team,
I would like to know if the miner and Borderless’s codes have been audited. And by whom?


Yes, Borderless has audited several times over, @multichain can speak more on it. Regarding the primary code base we will run it through two firms (one publically and one anonymously) before shipping this as “1.0”.


Hi Patrick. Is v1.0 the one Evangelists will vote the end of April? Does that mean they are already auditing? What is the planned time between release of v1.0 and AT mining?

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I’m aware I’m perceived as an annoying follower that never stops asking questions.

Perhaps a good idea would be to host an AMA (ask me anything). I think it would be good for the team, as they could just reference the AMA for lots of already asked questions and save sometime (in particular you Patrick that wakes at 4am in the morning to address our concerns :wink:), and the community which has a lot of unanswered questions.


An AMA would definitely be a great thing to do, only thing is that I am not the sure the team is willing to lay down their cards as to partnerships, exchanges, project still being in development/finalization. A good date for such AMA would be before the community vote imo, around mid april, giving them another month to finalize everything.
Asking contructive questions isn’t annoying, but legitimate.
For the audit, I am also curious about it, if @multichain could guve us more info, it would be great.


The audit for the contracts concerning EMB, Leasing, and Vanities was conducted by Decenter.


Not sure when this was but we regularly work till 4 :slight_smile: Always around to answer productive questions from you!


Thx @multichain for the answer.
@schnorr “regularily work until 4” yeah that’s public employee work hours. You guys are killing my hopes now :joy::joy::joy: ■■■■ crypto world, lazy devs, impatient investors, loving it.


Haha 4…am. :slight_smile: Although I do despise citing long hours as evidence of work ethic. Good work !== hard work.


Hey, you can also begin at midnight and finish at 4, as you say good work is hard work, simple as that, hours don’t really matter in the end. As long as things go as you want.


Well said.

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Public report ?

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What about the audit of the miner which is the critical component? Or are you concerned about someone leaking key parts of the code?


so now we reached the end of a 2 month wait period, and we are entering a new one, and we still dont know clearly what is actually going on in the background.

Was the code audited like stated here?

What bugs and fixes were found and made in these last 2 months?

What exactly will the team be doing for the next 2 months?

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