Let's speculate on the 6th sense euh Blockchain


So, To add a bit of fun, speculation, guesses, share our likings and disagreements on which blockchain could be the 6th element.
Contenders I could see: Ardor, Komodo, Vechain, Ark, Substratum, litecoin
Let’s share our guesses

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Decred :smiley: haha


Rootstock, Decred, Zilliqa, EOS


Zilliqa has their mainnet?

Rootstock is bitcoin smart contract, doubtfil.

EOS is the enemy haha. But I could see that. Decred too.

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EOS ??? goes against all the “validator” argument of the team, would be like XRP. I exited all invest in EOS after the 1st month of mainnet.
Decred indeed, forgot it, very decent and solid project. So yeah maybe a newer project like Zilliqa is possible also. Or a lower cap.

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The member chains have no requirements, e.g., Lisk, Neo… It’s BC that needs to be decentralized.


I do see EOS as way too much centralized to be in the BC team’s choice. Specially with their issues about block producers.


Urbit , Decred

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How is EOS any different from NEO?


XCP - Counterparty

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It isn’t that much, only thing is that NEO Consensus nodes don’t have as much power over the network as EOS has (blocking adresses and such, making it a police and not just a validator)
But you kinda caught me here I have to say…


Counterparty doesn’t have its own blockchain.

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Hehe, a hash? The course is on then.




Nope … they already said not :wink: haha


Is this an address?


No idea what your hexadecimal string means, but Patrick’s is not hexadecimal. :yum:

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I do, @ElYassine’s string is an eth private key that opens this adress 0x68Da91895FAea5eCDebfbF9127Da139dBe704668
So, the string given by Patrick might be a private key of some sort. (not an ETH one)
Lazy to search more now.
Oh, btw, it’s an empty wallet (in case any of you felt like checking)


Hmmm… flag it?