Miner Key Malformed Error

Hello all, newbie here with a question, hopefully this is the correct place to ask.

I’m getting an error in Terminal in Mac when running the Docker command.

The error is: “error cli.cmd.start miner key is malformed”

Thanks for any insight into what might have happened here. I posted a screen shot of the error, hopefully it comes through.

Kind regards,

Hey there @lastgoodbye,

In your screenshot, it looks like you included “<” and “>” at the front and end of your miner key. Simply remove those characters and you should be good to go!


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Thanks @craig! Appreciate it. That was it.

@craig may I also ask another question? I’ve had Docker running for about 20-hours but have so far mined no Overline. bcnode is running as is the MAC terminal command. Thanks for any insight!

If you are running a CPU-only node, the network difficulty is such that it may be very difficult for a CPU miner to win a block. It may be worth looking into contributing to the latest community developed mining pool. Here is a link to the pool in the Advanced Telegram chat: Telegram: Contact @overlineadvanced

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