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For a Q&A and walkthrough of Borderless Markets: BORDERLESS Webinar Q&A - May 15, 2020 “Prerelease Webinar”


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Hey guy, I am on 0.9.52 but I see nothing in borderless. no orders, no history, nothing. What am I doing wrong?

also, what are the next steps with the MMM program?

@craig is anyone in this forum? are we supposed to post our questions here or somewhere else?

Hey @papso, for your miner question you need to be fully synced in order for Borderless to work properly with your miner.

For the MMM program, as of now there has been no release date for release of the MMM bot, but if you are a member of that program we strongly suggest you use this time to familiarize yourself with Borderless. Keep an eye out for next steps in the program on your email!

And yes, you can ask questions here. However, should you need a more immediate answer, try the Block Collider Advanced telegram channel.

Thanks @craig I am.jn the MMM program, but then havent seen any action on Borderless as syncing seems to be a a major issue. Currently, I am syncing since 8 hours and only at 20 percent). It drops, needs to be restarted, so for the past week I never achieved a fully synced miner

@papso There are various troubleshooting steps you can take to rectify the miner being slow. First and foremost, the suggestion would be to update to the latest version on Docker. If that does not work, check in the with the Advanced Channel and they can help you troubleshoot.

Syncing issues on a user’s personal miner is no longer a roadblock to Borderless, as there is now an “Automatic” sync mode in the top righthand corner of the application window. This will connect you to a randomly selected active miner to send your tx’s and retrieve data from the BC chain. If you have any issues accessing Borderless, specifically with the Automatic connection, please feel free to follow up here! Looking forward hearing how you like it!

Hi guys, what are the next steps for the MMM pool?

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To wait…