New Roadmap for 2019-2020


We are proud to announce the release of the updated Roadmap for 2019-2020:

The inclusion of the previous quarters’ results is to provide clarity into the work behind all of the feature releases since April of last year.

In each of the future quarters, we have listed one or more “Community Involvement” called out. These are releases or programs that will be amplified that much more with research, testing, and activity from our community.

Excited for the road ahead and grateful to have you along for the journey.

Block Collider Core Team


Great, waiting for Borderless online!


Looks great! I’m excited!

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so a children book is the best use of the teams resources and time for the community? is that part a joke? especially after the poor communication we all experienced so far. Maybe there should be a vote on that part.


THink its a fun idea from marketing standpoint. In the end, this tech that BC is developing, will be useful for future generations. Today there is no real demand for BC soulutions anyways.

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Theres so much more work to do in a documentation stand point for Borderline and BC as a whole. Even DEX case studies and cross chain case studies would be a better idea and get actual people in the industry reading about BC.

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Agree. However childbook == layman’s terms == also for developing world and can also consist of case studies. In that perspective I’m looking forward to that book.

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I was really hoping these 30 days Telegram event would mark the beginning of better docuentation.
Created this markdown in the hope it could grow into something usefull. Its just that I currently have no idea where to start to get proper documentation without specifications of any kind. Its seems all kinda philosophical…

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