Newbie questions (be patient with neophytes)

So, in preparation of mainnet I decided to participate in mining (I missed the chance in the Before target) and right now remains too complicated for me (seems no docker for now)
I have a doubt on this following point in the
Replace “YOUR_KEY” in the argument below and the address you copied earlier when you created your wallet.

docker run command

docker run --rm --name bcnode -p 3000:3000 -p 16061:16061 -p 16060:16060 blockcollider/bcnode:latest start --ws --rovers --ui --node --miner-key YOUR_PUBLIC_ADDRESS
docker run --rm --name bcnode -p 3000:3000 -p

“YOUR_KEY” refers to my private key ? I have to replace it with “miner-key” or just “key” and leave “miner-” ?
Or would it be that “YOUR_KEY” refers to “YOUR_PUBLIC_ADRESS” implying there is an error in the doc.
Replace “YOUR_KEY” in the argument below (and) the address you copied earlier when you created your wallet.
“By” would be more appropriate than “and” ?
Sorry for being ignorant.

You are right in regards to it being “by”

Also dm me on telegram if you need any help setting up during mainnet. I’ll be doing it at the same time. If you have an Ubuntu machine I can assist on that for testnet now too

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Thx for the answer, I thought so after thinking it through. Error reported as usual.
And I will for sure contact you once mainnet is live for help and trouble shoot, and up for helping on some newbie tutorial here if needed.
I do not have a Ubuntu machine as of now but am thinking to install it on my laptop as secondary OS (XPS 15) to test it (as it will be of no use for mining since I’m on Windows)


Yup, thanks for reporting in the typos thread. And we definitely encourage the ubuntu build as a second machine! As you’re building that out, don’t hesitate to ask questions here in EMB Nation!


Not sure if I was allowed to post the first time I tried to ask about a problem I’m encountering with bcnode. Hoping this time I can…

Right now I have the software running and after 12 hours it’s still showing that rover.lsk.controller can’t fetch blocks because parameter “height” is undefined. The other blockchains work fine.

How can I sort this out and mine nrg?

I’m not a miner but what I can tell you is:
Mining ain’t happening now as the team is finalizing before mainnet launch (the docker seems to be the troublemaker).
You can subscribe to @blockCollider on Twitter to get the starting time. (It’s the official release medium)
You can also join the advanced BC tchat on Telegram
@blockcollideradvanced to get fast answers from other miners and the team as well.
Good luck with mining.

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