NRG Mining Block Reward


With the launch of the testnet, RC1 users are able to test the completed upgrade from BT chain to AT chain. Several users have commented on the new NRG award per block 2 NRG. This is the only unplanned upgrade to AT -> A decrease the default NRG award per block from 16 to 2 following the successful support of 18 decimals in RC1 + RC2.

There are two reasons for this.

1- Increased purchasing power for small cap mining operations (<$10,000).

2- Decreased overall NRG inflation rate for large cap mining operations (>$12.5 million).

This technological change was made possible as soon as we confirmed that the decimal support of NRG would not fluctuate, despite transactions above 100 per second.

This change does not change the EMBLEM algorithm. The change improves the economics model, driving a more distributed network. All NRG amounts mined during the BT chain will transfer over to the AT chain on mainnet launch.

To understand this change, compare the impact of the first level of algorithmic bonus created in the old model, from 16 NRG to 17 NRG. This represents an increase of 5.9%. For small cap miners this increase does not leave room for reinvestment of some of the awards into more or newer mining equipment. Under the new model, the first award tier represents a 33.3% increase in NRG from 2 to 3.

The follow table represents the new award structure.

2 NRG | 0 EMBLEM | +0.0% | +0.0%
3 NRG | 6757 EMBLEM | +33.3% | +33.3%
4 NRG | 7552 EMBLEM | +25.0% | +100.0%
5 NRG | 8419 EMBLEM | +20.0% | +150.0%

The capital costs of achieving the first threshold are significantly offset by store of value owners of EMB who are willing to lease the EMB.

It is critical to deploy these changes as NRG inflation is locked immutably in the AT multichain. A fork would require a fork of the EMBLEM contract chain (Ethereum) and the NRG chain (Block Collider).

Every day that passes in 2020 will increase the need for open trading systems capable of providing access to blockchain markets (and all markets for that matter). While a difficult time, it is a period ripe with opportunity and excellent for Borderless.