Overline 1.1.4: Two Berlins

1.1.4 is a required update that solves the Ethereum Berlin fork, prepares for Uniswap AMM, and increases sync speed. Update is available now on Docker. The community snap for developers has been updated: https://community.multichains.org/_easysync_db.zip.


April 14th the Berlin hard fork occurred on the Ethereum network. This long awaited fork included EIP-2930 which attempted to facilitate cheaper transaction costs.

April 15th: all nodes on the Ethereum network running “Open Ethereum” fell out of sync with the network due to a bug at block 12244294. Open Ethereum Clients Fall Out of Consensus After Berlin Hard Fork → this led to Coinbase pausing withdrawals on Ethereum until the issue was resolved. Overline network rovers time to discover Ethereum peers increased dramatically as Open Ethereum nodes are easier to discover.

April 20th: the Overline network rovers time to discover Ethereum peers increased dramatically. Overline nodes were updated to EthereumJS 4.0.0 to resolve the issue.

April 23rd: it was determined a typo in the EthereumJS library added a “0” in the fork hash prevents all Ethereum nodes using the JS library from interacting with any nodes on the Ethereum network. A fix was manually deployed to the Overline nodes. A pull request has been sent to the Ethereum core team to fix the issue.

May 8th: the Overline chain has fully caught up to the Ethereum chain.