Overline: Emblems, Circulating Supply, & Interchange

Official Contract: Contract Address 0xdb0acc14396d108b3c5574483acb817855c9dc8d | Etherscan

Your heart skip a beat? Romance in the air? No that’s the raw multichain power of Emblems on the Overline network. If your valentine doesn’t understand, this will help: 9 ways to easily explain or understand Emblems.

Emblems will be available on the latest Interchange at 11:00PM EST. Emblem liquidity will begin at 11:30PM. You must download the latest Interchange at https://www.overline.network then click on “Download”.

All miners must update to support the Interchange and Emblem mining ASAP.

Emblem mining rewards will automatically begin at block 3,000,000. To calculate rewards visit: https://emblemcalculator.overline.network/

Engineering is in the process of migrating to Discord and EMB Nation. A lockup extension was applied to all founder genesis Emblems for 3 months at which point an unlock schedule will be defined. Total circulating supply of Emblems is 99,990,266.

Tomorrow, February 15th at 9PM EST Patrick, Arjun, & Craig are on Clubhouse discussing the go-to market strategy, new hires, and the rise of Overline. The team is reviewing options to record the discussion for members without the mobile app.

Follow the Twitter feed for the latest updates: https://www.twitter.com/@overlinenetwork