Overline Wireless Miner DeFi Presale

Overline Wireless Miner “Right-To-Buy” Tokens

July 4th, 2021

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Overline Wireless Miner Presale Token

• Overline’s proprietary ‘wireless mining’ hardware device is to be made available for sale.
• Purchasing a device requires that the owner own a ERC-20 presale token.
• Each presale token represents a right-to-buy one wireless miner.
• The cost of each token ($10) counts to the purchase price of the Wireless Miner Patriot and Wireless Miner Pro.
• The tokens can be sold or transferred at any time.
• All Wireless Miner sales will require the redemption of a presale token (even after the first shipment).

DeFi Presale Game

• A gamified ‘DeFi’ platform has been built for the sale of the tokens.
• This platform solves the greatest problem for hardware companies by tapping “the wisdom of the crowds”.
• Users play the game by placing Ethereum on guesses for how many wireless miners presale tokens will be sold.
• Winners of the game split all of the Ethereum pooled.
• The game allows Overline to see how many wireless miners need to be built.
• Overline is working with other incubation partners to deploy more DeFi Presales.


The Overline team has been preparing for its “wireless mining” or “transaction mining” since the first day of the protocol. In anticipation every wallet ever created includes a WiFi-MAC address (the “networkAddress”). This means that the more than 200,000 wallets already created don’t have to do anything to be compatible with Overline wireless mining.

The presale begins with the user connecting their Ethereum wallet via MetaMask, or WalletConnect and completing the short presale allocation form.

From here, the user will be awarded one or more ERC-20 presale tokens. Each presale token can be redeemed later for an Overline wireless miner, or may be sold/transferred to another user.

Solving For Demand

While Overline was designed to enable trade even in the most adversarial environments, in 2020 partnerships were forged to ensure a steady stream of activity on the Overline Network, as well as to ensure communications and censorship proof news is made possible for all people. Overline wireless miners will not only become your wireless financial service but in some cases will be the only way to get accurate information.

Wireless mining will be an entire new industry which will ultimately disrupt telecommunications in the same way mining has changed the banking industry. As a formative technology, Overline’s wireless hardware will be the most demanded product ever released in the blockchain space.

In response to Overline’s unique partnership and the demand seen for less capable alternatives Overline has developed a DeFi game for the market to help predict how many wireless miners should be made and shipped. The game will be available in Overline’s upcoming in-browser “Interswap”.

The Game: Predict Supply, Win Ethereum.

In addition to trade, the upcoming Interswap enables Overline to accurately respond to demand and respond to projected device demand, and adapt to disrupted global hardware supply chains while simultaneously providing a means for greater interactivity with our users.

How it Works

The DeFi game begins on a separate screen which permits anyone with a presale token to submit a prediction into Overline’s prediction platform, providing a chance to receive a payout from a 1-Day, 7-Day, or 30-Day prize pool.

The prediction is simply a binary ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ prediction on the number of allocations that will be sold during a future prediction window. If correct, the user will receive a payout from the prize pool.

For example, Alice purchases an allocation on Day 1, during which 1,000 device allocations are purchased. This sets the prediction threshold for the next 24H window at 1,000. Along with her purchase, Alice submits an ‘Up’ prediction for the next 24H window, anticipating that Day 2 sales will be higher. Day 2 sales total 1,776 allocations, and Alice’s prediction is proven correct, as a result Alice receives a payout from the prize pool commensurate with her share of the prediction.

At any time during the process, Alice may access the metrics window, to provide real-time data on the presale performance and prize pool payouts.

Use Case 1: Alice

Alice buys 1 presale tokens and later decides she wants one more wireless miner. Alice must buy a presale token from the Interswap or Uniswap.

Use Case 2: Bob

Bob buys 5 presale tokens and later a friend also wants to buy a wireless miner. Bob can transfer one of his presale tokens to his friend allowing the friend to by a wireless miner.

Use Case 3: Karen

Karen would like to purchase a wireless miner, after the wireless miners are shipping. She must still buy a presale token.

On July 15th Overline will hold a live Discord event to discuss and demo the upcoming wireless sale. Following the security audit of the Overline wireless miner token contract the sale will begin.

For more information follow the Twitter @overlinenetwork.