Patron Saints of Block Collider


This post is a list of notable and influential figures who represent the guiding philosophy behind Block Collider. It is an ever expanding list, so feel free to post (in the style: Name, Picture, Background/Quote) a candidate who embodies the values Block Collider holds dear and we will grow the list as necessary.

Current List:


Frank R McNinch

Frank R McNinch (1934 Federal Communications Commissioner) warned the radio industry that it was the trustee of a public resource, “and the public neither expects nor will tolerate that this resource shall become primarily the plaything of fortune hunters.” If the industry exalted profits to the impairment of public service, the public would demand a reckoning. If you want to keep radio democratic … [he told the broadcasters], you must be on your guard against, the growth and development of any autocratic power within the industry. Yours is a young industry and it need not fall into the grievous errors that other industries have fallen into in the past. Certain industries in the past permitted a concentration of control that grew to such vast proportions as to become a veritable Frankenstein that turned upon and destroyed its creators. The railroads and the power industry and other industries paid the price of public condemnation for their own folly in permitting these industries to come under the domination of a few powerful greedy men. Do not flatter yourselves that this could not happen to the radio industry.”


Any Ayn Rand fans here? :nerd_face:

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Howard Roark would have been a great product designer!


Feels like Howard is being well channelled in this project. The same passion and fervour.

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