Race to Define the Unknown


One of the biggest challenges to Apple’s iPod when it first hit the market was that it defined the game. The new standard of mobile music was the iPod and everything challenging it had to compete in against their rules. We face a similar situation with the crypto-currency space and governance. Governance drives a contractual working relationship with projects that, if done devoid of errors can be executed world wide. Because Borderless is lacking any form of centralized validators, the right minds to define borderless governance will be at home here. This Topic is for the discussion and brainstorming of defining governance in the space. To kick some threads off here are a few ideas:

  • “Validator-free” as the new standard for DEXs going forward
  • International jurisdiction and adoption
  • Incorporating your blockchain company internationally

UPDATE: 28/02/2019

We (as the crypto space) should offer to weigh in, or at the least be on hand to advise/explain any unknowns. 4 weeks is a narrow window to get things right, but a huge swath of time to make a mistake in.
Also interesting is: The Right To Bare Funds