Suggestions about EMB Nation Forum


I like the forum engine, but I feel that forum don’t have enough quick icons for post evaluation, like a like :rofl: , such as lol, +1 (when you not like this, but agree), dislike, maybe evangelist smile (when you support the principles of the idea), may be something else. I want to hear your opinion about it.


I personally like it simple (like now). A like button or perhaps a like and dislike button. Beyond that I just find it hard to choose between so many option.


Inclined to agree with @Codonyat here.

I think a simple affirmation icon is enough and a dislike icon generally opens the door to a lot of negativity on a given forum.

That said! As Evangelists, and early adopters at that, you play an important role in the governance of this site. Putting things like this to a vote and gaining community support is going to be an exciting function you will all take on.

Good suggestions!