Sync Troubleshooting


We all want to connect! There are seven executive branches where nodes can meet and sync.

  • carter
  • mckinley
  • garfield
  • lincoln
  • harding
  • kennedy
  • coolidge

Reporting Rules

  1. Build from source at
  2. Stay on point, only sync issues here.
  3. Make sure you run ‘yarn run dist’ and have installed the dependencies.
  4. Watch out for validators.

On McKinley, stuck on block 2000, the block contain a member-chain ETC Block.

Is this intentional spam block or due to some checks not done in the code to prevent roving block from other forked chains?


Since rebase code is not triggered and most multiverse sync code is commented out, do you think you will be able to get syncing working in the coming days? It’s no fun solo-transactioning on a lone fork on the testnets.


The goal is to spend the first two weeks focused on transactions in Borderless and setting up mining pools. Then we will focus on sync!


Good luck synching. Can we all agree on limiting speeds up to max 200 BPM ?
Or should we temporary artificially slow down BPM to make our lives easier ?

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Is somebody recording benchmarks for all executive branches ? Are those different branches for A/B testing or whats the point ? Can we inject different drug into each chain/ minercode to see what works best ?
Which one is currently the slowest growing ?
Whats the highest and lowest recorded difficulty so far ?
Or am I completely missing the point of those branches ? Who is in charge here ? What workflow are we following here ?