The Battle for Open Source Supremacy


Ask not what your project can do for you - ask what you can do for your project.

Open source contribution was incredibly prominent among early software development. However, as software itself became monetized, open source communities began to plateau at the point where the complexity of development exceeded that which developers were willing to do on a volunteer basis. It was at this point that many great open source contributors were lured by the financial incentives of their closed source counterparts.

As a result, for decades many have blindly placed their most sensitive data in the trust of opaque software platforms with minimal accountability. Naturally this trust was abused, and our data exploited for economic and political gain.

That is, until now… Bitcoin brought us more than an alternate financial system, through cryptocurrency Bitcoin introduced an economic model to open source software. In doing so, Bitcoin has given us a chance to right the wrongs and once again bring about open source supremacy.

Open source development lies at the core of the decentralized technologies movement, so much so that it is critical to our survival. In alignment with the values of decentralized open source communities we must not find ourselves blindly placing trust in the hands of a holy development group, a boy genius, a validator, a central bank, a prestigious institution, or a recognized brandname for name alone.

In embarking on this journey of digital and financial sovereignty, you must accept that it is not without responsibility. You are now your own bank, you are now your own state. You are now the master of your own fate. Be the change you want to see.

Don’t trust. Verify.

Yours Truly,


Well said, bravo!