The Right To Bare Funds


Regulation is an inevitable part of any growing space.

Cryptocurrency and blockchains are spreading at such a rapid pace because the benefits are so clear. However, most countries (with very few exceptions) are completely unprepared to handle the way it will effect their economies because their governments lack an understanding of the core technologies. Most of us are on the edge of our seat when we hear that blockchain and cryptocurrency “regulation” is being handed down from a governing body whose members thought the internet was “a series of tubes”.

Because this is such a new technology, the normalization of blockchains will likely come with some strings (see: Coinbase, Binance, JP Morgan Coin, XRP, etc…). It is there that regulation will find its foothold and shape the future. But if getting rid of net neutrality in America and the recent rise of global internet censorship regulations can be a hint, our concerns about that future are well founded.

It is for this reason that we, the people, must always maintain a decentralized community/economy. The 2nd amendment in late 18th, early 19th century America was not about storing collectors items. It was foresight by the founding fathers from lessons they’ve learned: that government can and do abuse power. And that abuse should be met with capable resistance, should the situation ever come about.

Decentralized systems are a necessary means of defense against the threat of tyranny.

Race to Define the Unknown

Today Maduro it’s taking Venezuela gold reserves and dumping it. If instead gold that reserves were in BTC, with a multisign arrangement a single despot could never embezzle from his own country. This added is thanks to the decentralization of BTC.